April 20, 2024

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Gustavo Pedro reiterated his readiness to normalize relations with Venezuela

Gustavo Pedro reiterated his readiness to normalize relations with Venezuela

The elected President of the Republic of Colombia, Gustavo Pedro, reiterated his desire to normalize relations with Venezuela with a view to contributing to the region’s economic growth.

“We need to normalize relations. The reason for this is that we have been coming for many years and there are problems in many areas. The border is my main concern. Because there is a strong, very strong illegality. There are real possibilities,” Pedro said. In an interview with the Colombian website Campio.

“CĂșcuta is not an Andean city far from the sea. CĂșcuta is a seaside town. It’s only an hour from the sea, only the sea is on the other side. So how do we not use it for industrialization? That is, because of our political problems between nations It does not take advantage of the enormous regional benefits, “said Pedro.

He was referring to the Venezuelan state-owned Monomeros company located on New Granada soil, which was improperly handed over by the Ivan Duke administration to former Vice President Juan Quito. State of Venezuela.

In this regard, Pedro pointed out: “Another immediate problem is monomeros, which, unknown to many Colombians, are neither more nor less monomeros in Colombia-Venezuela, with a Colombian-Venezuelan majority. We shut it down due to the financial crisis and we are importing fertilizer at three times the value.

On the other hand, in the interview, the elected president supported the formation of a consensus among the country’s progressive forces.

He noted the urgency of his immediate attendance as soon as his order officially began on August 7th.

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He pointed out that his government “wants to break sectarianism from the right and the left, for which it is necessary to negotiate with all sectors and make agreements.”

“What we have achieved is that a dialogue with Alvaro Eurip Veles is already planned. There is another dialogue with Rodolfo Hernandez.

Similarly, he noted his tense relationship with the military and police, his comprehensive peace plan and his proposal to modify the handover application to the United States.

The president-elect said, “the national agreement must be formally framed in places where there is no parliament, social and political.”

“First of all those places; I want them to be a conflict-facing region from the beginning because the conflict we have today has regional peculiarities; it cannot be processed uniformly nationally,” he said.

Regarding peace in Colombia, Pedro announced that he had asked the Catholic Church to establish ways for a comprehensive peace process throughout Colombia.

“Extensive is not what is still considered rebellious today, but is open to anything that implies the use of illegal weapons. Well, we’re going to make it official. I believe the Catholic Church today should play a fundamental role in building peace in Colombia,” he stressed.