June 24, 2024

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Govt cases rise more than 50%: Venezuela records 1,267 infections

New cases from Venezuela
AFP photo

Corona virus cases have risen by more than 50% since the last report issued by Venezuelan authorities on Wednesday, January 12th. According to the Minister of Communications, Freddie ezIn the country, 1,267 new infections have been registered in the last 24 hours, 1,234 through social outreach and 33 imported.

According to the outstanding amount provided on Twitter, the social lawsuits are located in the following states: Caracas 423; Miranda 298; Julia 95; La Guerra 75; Aragua 73, among others.

Caracas today offers the highest number of infections in its 22 parishes: Sucre 146; Valley 103; Car 26; Paradise 19; San Juan 16, among others.

Of the 33 cases imported, 11 were from the Dominican Republic, 5 from Panama, 4 from Turkey, 4 from the Philippines, 4 from Spain, 2 from the United States, 1 from Lebanon, 1 from Nigeria and 1 from Mexico. Entrance via La Guaira.

Of the 449,730 confirmed cases in Venezuela, 437,624 have been cured, which represents 97% of infections, the minister explained. There are 6,736 active cases, 5,725 being treated in the public health system and 1,011 in private clinics.

To date we have 4,258 asymptomatic patients, 1,797 patients with mild to severe respiratory distress, 513 with moderate to severe respiratory distress, and 168 in the intensive care unit.

On the other hand, 4 deaths occurred at 5,370: 2 36-year-old males, 45-year-old Barinas, 1 61-year-old male and 1 48-year-old female Julia. He wrote condolences to his relatives and cousins.

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He added: “During the Omigron era, the best formula against Govit-19 was vaccine, vaccine and timely medication. Without giving up life saving measures, we will get the appropriate booster dose. If you have any symptoms, go to the nearest health center.

Increase in cases

Since the relapse began in November, there have been less than 600 cases per day. Health experts have warned that infections could increase if the plan is followed during the holidays.

Yesterday, President Nicolas Maduro and his health minister, Carlos Alvarado, pointed out that with the advent of the Omigran variant, cases are on the rise in the country, so they insisted on maintaining. Activities Survival to prevent infections.


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