May 26, 2024

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Google is expanding its AI-powered SGE to more users

Google is expanding its AI-powered SGE to more users

Google first announced its AI-powered transformation to search, the “Generative Search Experience” (SGE), last year and let users start testing it, but now it looks like Google is working on improving things as users who didn't sign up for SGE are now getting boosted results. With artificial intelligence.

For the past few months, SGE has been accessible through Google Search Labs. The barrier to entry is very low, which has resulted in a lot of people using the tool. Recently, Google's new head of search said SGE has already handled “billions of queries.”

However, as of now, the experience still requires manual sign-up.

has not been SearchEngineLand First reported, Google has started showing SGE's AI-powered overview to users who haven't signed up. Google has since confirmed that the test is being done on a “small percentage of search traffic” in “certain categories,” but only in the United States. This also includes users who Not logged in Google account.

Some of the 'specific' queries that get these answers include more complex questions, an example being 'how do I remove marks from painted walls'.

Google He said They expanded their outreach to SGE “to get feedback and see how the general public would find this technology useful.”

There's no word yet on Google's plans to expand SGE to all users, but it was teased just last week that there's “more coming soon.”

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