July 18, 2024

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George Clooney and Julia Roberts ‘Ticket to Heaven’ Too Bad

George Clooney and Julia Roberts ‘Ticket to Heaven’ Too Bad

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There are nearly 47,000—oh, wait, the new Netflix Original just dropped; Make that 47001 — TV shows and movies released every week. At Obsessed, we consider it our social duty to help you see the best and skip the rest.

We already have a variety of in-depth and exclusive coverage of all your favorite live streams and new releases, but sometimes what you’re looking for is simply what you do or don’t do. That’s why we created See/Skip, to tell you exactly what our writers think you should see and what to skip from the past week’s busy entertainment scene.

skips: Heaven ticket

Heaven ticket? This is a one-way ticket to Snoozeville! Even Julia Roberts and George Clooney can’t memorize this fast-paced romantic movie devoid of any “rom” or “com.” more like rom-Come on!

This is Fletcher Peters’ opinion:

Heaven ticket It seems that Get it all: a shimmering location, a tepid storyline, and, above all, two of the greatest movie stars of all time. with Julia Roberts And the George Clooney on head Heaven ticket It was destined to be an all-encompassing cruise full of happy times. Add the output from Mama Mia! here we go againtwo of Box Mart Ladies, the hunk of Emily in Paris-Can’t you love him?

this movie. This movie isn’t likeable in almost any way, unfortunately. I didn’t hope so Heaven ticket to be eleventh ocean-Meets-When Harry Met SallyBut after watching charming trailer Over and over, I was expecting to have a little fun. Maybe it will be a bit like marry me-Meets-My dear friend’s wedding. I can have a good time, even with an overload. Unfortunately, Heaven ticket Really does not deliver.

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But there is not enough charisma in the world to run the boring scenario Heaven ticket. There is no nostalgia, an experienced athlete accessory of Julia Roberts My dear friend’s weddingAnd there is no wonderful magic Notting Hill. Roberts and Clooney’s chemistry recreates who they were eleventh oceanBut without the actual excitement or bets, why are we watching? If we want to see George and Julia, our old pals, walking around, we can just watch videos from the press tour of this movie. As much as I wanted to add Heaven ticket to my long rom-com list to watch over and over, unfortunately I’ll have to turn to Those YouTube promotions And the eleventh ocean While that.”

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We see: Inside Amy Schumer

Inside Amy Schumer It returns after six years with less rough around the edges, but just as sarcastic a bite. Come get underwear all over the place, keep your fart jokes on. (seriously!)

Bridget Everett and Amy Schumer in Inside Amy Schumer season 5.

Paramount +

Here’s Kendall Cunningham’s method:

The fifth season of Inside Amy Schumer It is another amusing display of the skill of a comedian when you stick to what you know rather than trying to comment on a larger set of issues, like many progressive comics are meant to do. Likewise, it’s comforting that the Trainwreck star is able to show some growth (like resisting her early obsession with mindless jokes about race) without a full review of the comedy elements that actually work.

Based on the extended show hiatus and his new home in Paramount+, Season 5 of Inside Amy Schumer It wouldn’t be the kind of attention-grabbing, must-watch TV show that helped propel the comedian’s career. However, it’s evidence that Schumer is still a star, despite the public ban she often receives online for her brand of saucy and feminist humor.”

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skips: black Adam

black Adam He is a loud and obnoxious DC superhero. A movie with Dwayne Johnson, Noah Centineo, and Aldis Hodge in almost unwatchable Lycra suits is the real nail in the DC Comics movie coffin.

Dwayne Johnson in black Adam.

Courtesy of Warner Bros . Pictures

This is Nick Vacancy’s opinion:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson He is an attractive and popular star Who – with the possible exceptions of Michael Bay suffer reapPeter Berg rundownand Justin Lin fast fiveHe’s never made a movie so good, or much less, a great movie. This line continues with black Adam (October 21), Johnson’s first official foray into the supernatural world, taking on a WWE-style role by reprising the title character, an ancient, resurrected mortal who believes killing is the best way to send out enemies. It’s big bad and pretty crazy, although moviegoers are the ones who can get upset with this comic book-based original story, which simulates poison by pivoting around a supposed villain who was ultimately destined to do good—minus the sense of humor that made at least Tom Hardy The Marvel car is intermittently entertaining.

For all its epic intent, the movie feels small and confined to a generic fantasy setting that instantly annihilates him. Material only flashes to life during those sporadic instances when Hodge and Brosnan are given a chance to build a relationship rooted in their shared history. Unfortunately, like the cute Atom Smasher and Cyclone exchange, those moments are squashed under the weight of incredible fights where no one gets hurt (even randomly) and nothing really changes. While fans of the genre might delight in seeing Adam blur a kid’s bedroom decorated with Justice League posters and toys, the main impression – confirmed by the post-credits scene with a huge cameo – is that this is Adam’s trial run before the possibility of larger future confrontations, which should justify receipts Box office sequel.

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We see: American Horror Story: New York City

American Horror Story: New York City She’s a surprisingly eligible addition to the anthology series, but she won’t be able to capture the horror of New York’s most haunted landmark: The Forever 21 in Times Square.

Charlie Carver as Adam American Horror Story: New York City.

Barry Djokovic / FX

Here is Emma Stefansky’s opinion:

“The year is 1981, and all is not well on the streets of New York City. American Horror Story: New York Citywhose plot has been kept off the site entirely, begins with a pile of rubbish lining a city street at night, a common enough sight even in New York today, and a symbolic gesture alluding to what’s in store for the eleventh season of Ryan Murphyimprobably Successful Horror Anthology. This is the story of an underworld, a story of death and desire amid the city’s waste during a special punitive period.

There’s an air of unknown agony hanging over the show even in its first episodes, with people repeatedly mentioning a feeling of badness permeating the city, muttering things like, “Something dark is coming.” Isn’t it always? AHS: New York City has all Murphy’s signatures, and more: It’s sexy, gorgeous, and subversive—not least because of the era and society in which it revolves. Like most seasons of this show, New York City It starts off strong, though at this point it’s hard to say exactly what’s going on.”

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