May 22, 2024

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From excitement to disappointment in Kamala Harris’ first year as Vice President of the United States

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris made history as the first woman Vice President of the United States.

But the first year he took office Rose was not in bed.

His approval ratings have plummeted, the president has given him tasks ranging from impractical to almost unsolvable, and his office has been ravaged by the resignations of top officials.

If Harris had accepted his party’s candidacy with the intention of establishing himself as the future Democratic presidential candidate, this possibility would not have been in question for long.

Biden promised at a news conference on Wednesday that he would retain his No. 2 position if he stood for re-election, although it was unclear whether this would put an end to speculation about his political future.

So what exactly went wrong? Can you fix it? There are no easy explanations and the answers are still limited.

A pump in the polls

According to the survey USA Today In November, Harris’s citizen approval rating was 28%, making him one of the most popular vice presidents in modern American history, even beating Dick Cheney, the architect of the Iraq war.

If there’s one trigger for an avalanche of articles about “what’s the problem with Kamala Harris” in the second half of 2021, it’s the poll of “comedy perversion”. San Francisco Chronicle. The poll, in fact, described the debate over the vice president as a mixture of struggle and frustration.

However, on closer inspection, the survey seems like an aberration. Twenty-one percent of those who voted considered Harris undecided, while more than half of those who voted expressed a negative opinion, which excluded him from Pyton’s ratings at the time.

Subsequent polls gave him a close assessment of Biden’s approval, which coincided with the usual course of the referendum.

According to Cliff Young, director of U.S. public affairs at the Ipsos poll, the forces that weaken Harris threaten his boss: the Govt-19 epidemic and the economy.

Young said the vice president’s popularity would also improve if Americans felt that those issues were being taken care of if Fiden’s approval rating improved.

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The expert points out that there is also a positive side to the vice president. Most polls suggest he will lead the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024.

He seems to have more political weight, at least among his own party, especially among women and minority voters.

Tough challenges to face

In office, Harris has taken on two top jobs. The first is to trace the roots of undocumented immigration from Central American countries to the United States.

During the first year of the Fiden administration, the number of immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras increased in the United States, and the administration is looking for ways to stem the flow while withdrawing some of the Trump administration’s most brutal policies.

Although manageable, the task was considered difficult. Biden played a similar role as vice president in the Obama administration.

For some, however, Harris’ responsibilities include full immigration and border security, which are challenges that have dragged on for decades and are decades to be resolved.

It is no coincidence that the Vice President’s approval ratings sank into negative territory when the immigration issue put him in that position.

He has also been tasked with implementing electoral reform. Following Donald Trump’s baseless allegations in the 2020 presidential election, some Republican – controlled states have enacted laws that make efforts to facilitate voting, such as postal voting, much more difficult.

Harris accepted the task of guiding the reforms, and through Congress, one can expect these measures from the states to prevent this.

However, the Vice President’s efforts failed due to the unification of the Republican opposition and the perseverance of some Democrats.

According to journalist and historian Kate Anderson Brower, Fiden himself lost his vice presidency.

“He gives you almost impossible tasks,” he says.

The most ambitious goal

U.S. vice presidents are often seen as the political heirs of the presidents they serve, and that decision is inevitable if the president reaches his first term at the age of 82.

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It is also clear that Harris, who is running for office in 2019, has aspirations for the presidency.

When Biden chose him as his vice presidential candidate, he was often regarded as the epitome of the next generation of Democrat leaders, whose multi-ethnic background and gender reflected an increasingly diverse party identity.

However, this has made Harris an attractive target for political fire. Republicans, who consider her their next possible adversary, are eager to wear her. And within his own party, rivals with presidential ambitions see him as a major obstacle on the path to pride.

“I think there’s a certain focus now on Vice President Harris because of the uncertainty surrounding Biden and whether he’s going to run again,” Young said.

“I can not remember another time when we focused so much on a Vice President and his approval ratings.”

Doubts persist

Many politicians with successful careers have survived political difficulties.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Thus, they point to critics who write teasing paragraphs about her voice, laughter or sex dyes related to the purchase of expensive kitchen utensils.

At a recent event in Maryland, Margaret Hinds-English, president of the Local Public Workers’ Union, said the vice president believed she could win over black women like herself “if we put our minds to it.”

The Hinds-English vice president promises to ignore the critics. Let people say what they say, he said.

However, it is clear that something is wrong.

Harris’ presidential campaign is off to a strong start. His inaugural rally in Auckland, California in January 2019 attracted tens of thousands of supporters. After his strong display in the primary debate in June of that year he went almost to the top in the polls.

He then collided with reality again with signs of discomfort in his work team, disappointing media interviews and subsequent discussions and clear news or massive support in the party.

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In other words, all the problems that Harris faced in his first year as vice president occurred during his presidential campaign.

With the departure of his communications director and his spokesman, the staff revenue of his team was surprisingly high in the first year he joined the service.

The article was a particularly severe blow Washington Post In it one of his former employees, Harris, said anonymously that he was not ready to do the job required for his position and expressed his disappointment over his aides.

“With Kamala you have to constantly tolerate soul-destroying criticism and her own distrust,” the former employee explained. “So you continue to support Bully, And it is not clear why.

Harris’ problems are often exacerbated by mistakes in personal interviews and public appearances. There is talk of friction between his office and other parts of the White House.

The vice president has not been able to resolve a major political issue that confirms his positive image as a general manager.

Politicians who escape from trouble are usually the ones who learn from their mistakes and correct their shortcomings.

There are some indications that Harris is going down this path as he has recently begun to spend more time with Biden at public events, has accepted media interviews and has appointed a senior communications agent.

It remains to be seen, however, whether this trend will be integrated to prevent Harris’ historic rise to the post of Vice President from being merely a story in the history books.

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