July 12, 2024

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Everyone asks me about the Galaxy Z Flip 4, and I can’t stop praising it

I have been using a file Galaxy Z Flip 4, the latest in Samsung’s series of foldable phones, has been around for about two weeks as I write this. I wasn’t going to review the device as I wouldn’t get a unit on time here in India, but Samsung was still kind enough to send me to try it out, which I’m glad for, as this phone is almost perfect for a foldable series that’s only been on the market for three years.

I’ve preferred the Galaxy Z Flip line to the Galaxy Z Fold series since day one because I prefer a regular phone that folds over rather than a phone that converts into a tablet. But it has limitations that prevented me from spending money on one (despite the surprisingly attractive price tag) and using any of our Galaxy Z Flip review units for more than a few weeks.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is very good

The lack of a zoom camera is one such limitation, the other being the fairly small battery and slow charging we found on the first two Galaxy Z Flip models (or three, if we count the Z Flip 5G separately). Well, the Z Flip 4 doesn’t have a zoom camera, but luckily Samsung has handled the battery life and charging speed, which makes it almost perfect.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 has pretty much everything you’d expect from a Samsung flagship, Including surprisingly great battery life Although the battery capacity is still not that high (I suppose there is a significant contribution here from the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor). And the Z Flip 4 attracted more and more people interested in the lineup, including boss Danny, who had been the Galaxy Fold team from the start.

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In fact, my colleague and SamMobile co-founder Danielle also asked me, and I couldn’t stop singing. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is really special, and it’s the first Samsung foldable phone I’m starting to recommend to anyone asking if it’s worth it. Again, it’s not a phone for anyone who wants a full-featured main camera experience, but it’s excellent for anyone else.

I understand that there are still some things that need work. A plastic foldable screen is still a responsibility waiting to happen, but bendable glass for phones is still often a distant dream, so a plastic screen is something we have to do for a few more years. Samsung also needs to work on making the creases on its foldable screens less noticeable. I think the Z Flip 4’s fold is less noticeable than the Z Flip 3’s, but this may just be a placebo effect as I don’t have the Z Flip 3 to compare it side by side.

All that said, if you want to know if you should get a Galaxy Z Flip 4, I’d say the answer is yes as long as you’re okay with not having a zoom camera on the back. You can wait until next year to see what additional improvements Samsung makes to the Galaxy Z Flip series, but if waiting isn’t your thing, just go out and buy this phone.

And if foldable things aren’t your thing and you’re shopping in a similar price bracket, there’s always a Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S22+ to come back to, though I’d recommend buying only the Snapdragon variant. Or rather, have some patience and wait to see what the Galaxy S23 series brings to the table next year. We’re only 4-5 months away from launching the Galaxy S23 and you won’t want buyer regrets after just a few months choosing the S22 or S22+ now (unless you get a premium discount).