February 27, 2024

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Donbass reports that militants have received a plan of attack from Ukrainian forces: its aim is to “clean up” the Russian-speaking population.


February 19, 2022 10:42 GMT

According to a spokesman for the Donetsk People’s Militia, the Kiev forces’ plan includes reaching the Russian border in two days.

Edward Basurin, a spokesman for the Donetsk People’s Militia, announced on Saturday that the DPR had received a plan of attack from Ukrainian forces, aimed at “cleansing” a portion of the Russian-speaking population. Basurin noted that the program, which was developed by Ukrainian civil servants and approved by the National Security and Security Council of Ukraine, was “acquired by the intelligence of the DPR’s populist militias.” In early February this year“.

“The aim of the Ukrainian offensive “Cleaning up” the territory of the Russian-speaking People’s RepublicPush it into Russian territory and gain control of the whole of the People’s Republic. “

According to Bazur, the Kiev forces’ plan includes reaching the Russian border in two days, while the full offensive must be carried out. Five days.

The representative condemned the plans of the Ukrainian armed forces Destroy military and civilian infrastructure From the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, 10-15 km from the contact line.

Will be launched in the direction of the main offensive of the Ukrainian army Gramadorsk-DebaltsevoPasurin noted. A spokesman for the Donetsk People’s Military said that during the military operation “planned to encircle and besiege the main cities of Donetsk, Lukansk, Korlovka and Alshevsk.”

In addition, the Security Service of Ukraine “plans to implement Sabotage on traffic lanes Within the republics, Removal and abduction Of the various authorities of the Republican administration “, noted the representative of Donetsk.

  • This Friday, the leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk They insisted People have to get out of Russia first Possible Kiev attack, But advised the men to stay and protect their territory. According to Donetsk President Denis Bush, the situation is critical and Kiev could launch a large-scale offensive against Donbass at any time.
  • When citizens Exhaust To Russia, They have intensified Attacks on the Donbass Territory from the positions of Ukrainian government forces.
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