December 4, 2022

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Dollar Price: What is the exchange rate at the end of today?

Today, Thursday, March 24thThe Dollar in Peru The exchange session was adjourned for the third day in a row.

Check it out below Dollar price Inter-bank market and price for sale at money changers and financial institutions.

How much is the dollar today in Peru

The Central Reserve Bank (BCR) The exchange rate fell to the bank level between S / 3,769 and S / 3,737.

On this day The Green back The Peruvian market fell 0.80% and set a strong downward trend.

Price even in the middle of the session Dollar It fell to S / 3.71, but then reduced losses.

With today’s final result, BCR estimates Exchange rate This is down from a total of 6.36% so far in 2022.

To this day, Latin American coins, including Peruvian SoulCommodity prices rose again against the dollar.

According to Reuters, the rise in prices is offset by tensions over the aftermath of the war UkraineIncluding new sanctions against Russia.

In the midst of this situation, investors calculated a balance of risks between the consequences derived from the conflict. Russia and Ukraine Expectations aside and around it Monetary politics In the United States and Europe.

“Usually in a crisis, Growing coins Higher yields will be sold, but that is not the case now, especially in Brazil, “said Jane Foley, director of Rabobank’s foreign exchange strategy.

That the expert argued Raw materials Emerging markets determine performance despite a slowdown in growth, higher interest rates and a recession in some export markets.

Dollar price for buying and selling

The platform refers to how much the is, in cash Dollar The dollar buys for S / 3,715 and sells for an average of S / 3,755.

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In Digital transfer homes The green ticket was purchased for approximately S / 3.72 and sold for S / 3.75.

While on Banks The purchase price of the dollar is estimated to be between S / 3.64 and 3.70 and the sale price is between S / 3.75 and S / 3.86.