March 4, 2024

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Dictator Maduro canceled his trip to the Ibero-American summit at the last minute.

Dictator Maduro canceled his trip to the Ibero-American summit at the last minute.

An announcement from the Dominican organization yesterday Iberoamerican Summit Surprised the area. As per the official information, the visit Nicolás Maduro for appointment

It was strange that in a forum of fierce opponents the dictator was encouraged to expose himself and not be afraid to state their differences openly.

However, there is no dictator on the list of speakers this Saturday. appears in its place Delsey RodriguezIts vice president is also one of the protagonists of the civil war that has been unleashed within the regime for days.

Sources in the Argentine delegation confirmed to Infobae Maduro canceled his trip because he would have Covid-19, but the regime did not report it.

The dictator usually backs out of this type of appointment at the last minute. Its numerous human rights violations, even part of an investigation by the International Criminal Court, This creates rejection around the world and every time his arrival is announced, it starts a cascade of voices against it, prompting him to travel.

Months ago Held at the CELAC Summit in Buenos Aires. The Chavista dictator had planned to attend, but hours earlier, strong signs of rejection and planned demonstrations against him forced him to abandon it.

In January, youHe was also expected in Brazil for the inauguration of Lula da Silva. A Chavista intelligence team even went to the Brazilian side to prepare the ground as a vanguard team. But finally the dictator did not dare.

The Dominican Republic launched the Ibero-American Summit

I traveled Santo DomingoIt was his first role at the forum since Chávez’s death in 2013, when he took power in Venezuela.

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After his fraudulent re-election in 2018, more than 20 countries around the world — including the entire European Union and the United States and several regional leaders — did not recognize his legitimacy. Indeed, at the summit in Andorra in 2021, where Maduro was represented by his vice president, Delci Rodríguez, Venezuela was the focus of a heated debate.

Latin America experienced a shift to the left in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Brazil, which improved Maduro’s international outlook, as the Venezuelan opposition at the national level lost strength as it failed to oust him. Power backed by the United States. He will now seek a third six-year term in 2024.

Ecuador, Paraguay and Spain still refuse to give formal recognition.

“This is a summit dedicated to the people and aimed at achieving concrete results,” said Andrés Alamand of Chile, who was the first to speak at the opening ceremony.

Alamand assured that the summit aims to “get concrete results that will have a positive impact on the quality of life of Ibero-Americans”.

From this summit It is expected that a set of documents will emerge that will serve as guides for the development of public policies and central issues of the debates, among them the Ibero-American Environmental Charter, the Food Security Strategy and the Charter of Digital Principles and Rights.

It leads Latin America to face the challenges of climate change, hunger and advances in technology, which means adapting norms to new visuals and digital environments that make the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ibero-Americans even more far-reaching.

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As host, the President of the Dominican Republic, Louis Abinader, It highlighted the need to strengthen and widen such integration spaces as this Ibero-American community, “united not only by languages, history and geography, but also by a common vision of the major challenges facing humanity.”

“There are more ties that unite us than differences that divide us,” emphasized the Dominican President, who said that “only through cooperation and joint work can we face the challenges of our time.”

“Today, at a critical moment for humanity, when we face the change of times, paradigms and models we have taken for granted, it is necessary to recover the possible utopia that has inspired the men and women of our land to aspire more than ever before. A more just society for all,” he added.

Abinader states, “There are common challenges that demand collective responses, the first being the challenge to democracy and freedom due to the ‘excessive’ polarization of political debate and growing dissatisfaction with the quality of democratic governance. They thrive.” Extremist Discourses and the Menacing Shadow of Dictatorship”.

“To revitalize our democracy, it is essential to maintain an unwavering commitment to freedom, collective well-being and non-sectarian political action,” he said.

Likewise, he appealed to his guests to develop the capacity to overcome political differences and honest dialogue, as the only way to “eliminate extremism that threatens democracy” is for concrete decisions based on a broad national consensus.


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