June 11, 2023

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Arrest warrants against five members of Farc have been suspended

It will remain in effect until June 30 and “will be reported to Interpol and other authorities for immediate and strict compliance purposes.”

The Colombian Attorney General’s Office this Friday suspended arrest warrants against five members of the Central Public Service, the main opposition to the Farc-EP, following a request by President Gustavo Pedro to allow peace talks to begin.

In an official statement, the nation’s attorney general, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, announced the suspension of “everyone” arrest warrants against people Pedro recognized last March as representatives with political status.

The provision protects Luis Carlos Pinilla Cortez, Renzo Alirio Martínez, Robinson de Jesús González, Ramiro Pinzón Novoa and Walter Freddy Ruiz Montaño, who coordinate the supervision, monitoring and verification mechanism.

A decision in effect until June 30 “will be communicated to Interpol and other authorities for the purpose of immediate and strict compliance.”

Although Barbosa Delgado once again stated that he was “facilitating peace” in Colombia, regarding the recent suspension of arrest warrants against ELN leaders, he rejected the establishment of peace processes “with drug traffickers in Colombian territory not subject to justice.

“We are friends of peace, but we are not of drug trafficking,” the nation’s attorney general added.

Goes to “total silence”.

The Colombian President’s request dates back to the previous March 8th publication of Resolution No. 038, granting the group political status, in an effort to advance a comprehensive policy of “total peace” with criminal groups.

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“The national government creates a rapprochement with the illegal organized armed group, calling itself the Central General Staff, in order to agree to a peace agreement, to advance a negotiation or dialogue of a political nature,” Pedro wrote in a letter. Sent to Barbosa Delgado.

“He firmly believed that the search for peace is not limited to the elimination of direct violence, but that it requires advanced and above all civilized forms that allow for a negotiated solution to the decades of internal armed conflict that has brutally destroyed people”.

In this sense, on March 13, Petro announced the start of the second reconciliation process between the executive and the central public servants, the date of which is not yet available.

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