March 4, 2024

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Demetrius Johnson Revenge, Coe Moraes

Demetrius Johnson Revenge, Coe Moraes

Demetrius Johnson He once again proved why he’s one of the best people to ever enter the cage.

In the main event ONE on Prime Video 1the flyweight title was on the line as Johnson (24-4-1), the former UFC flyweight king, was looking to avenge his previous title loss to Adriano Moraes at ONE on TNT 1 in 2021.

Johnson showcased nearly every aspect of his MMA game against Moraes (20-4) in a rematch. Johnson showed off everything in his bag, from footstepping debates, to snatching action against the fence, to threatening messages from his back.

While Moraes succeeded in the first two rounds of the fight, even wiggling Johnson with a header, the tide began to turn in the third round as Johnson began to outshine Johnson with a brilliant display. Ultimately in the fourth round, Johnson landed his right hand beautiful crossbar to bring down Moraes, and a head-up knee ruled the second leg win.

Johnson avenged the only knockout loss of his career by giving back, landing a knockout at the knee to become the flyweight king of the ONE Championship.

The event took place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore, and the main card aired on Amazon Prime Video at 10pm ET after the introductory shows on Prime Video at 8pm ET, marking a new streaming partnership.

Results for MMA bouts from ONE on Prime Video 1 include:

Main Card (Prime Video, 10 p.m. ET)

Demetrius Johnson def. Adriano Moraes by knockout (knee) – Round 4, 3:50 – for the flyweight title Marcos Almeida. Kirill Grechenko via submission (heel hook) – Round 1, 1:04 defeated Amir Ali Al-Akbri. Mauro Cirelli via TKO (Punches) – 2nd round, 4:02

Primary Card (Prime Video, 8 p.m. ET)

Itsuki Hirata fell. Heiken Lin by unanimous decision Zebasztian Kadestam def. Iori Labicos by Knockout (Punch) – Round 1, 0:57

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Read on below for more details on each MMA fight.

Zebaztian Kadestam vs.Euri Lapicus

After an initial exchange of blows, Labicos scored an early takedown followed by two punches and a knee to the head on the floor. However, Kadestam soon put the fight back on its feet. A moment later, Kadestam set a nice big timer that made the Lapicus clean, and nothing else was needed. Lapicus crashed onto the canvas from the cold. Fabulous.

result: Zebasztian Kadestam def. Iori Labicos by Knockout (Punch) – Round 1, 0:57
a summary: ONE on Prime Video 1: Watch Zebaztian Kadestam floor Iuri Lapicus in 57 seconds with a fierce top clip
records: Z├ębastian Kadestam (14-7), Yuri Labikus (14-2)
Division: average weight
Broadcasting: Prime video
Rule: Dean Herb

Itsuki Hirata vs Heiken Lin

Lin was the busiest fighter to start, firing quick kicks to the legs and a bunch of punches upstairs. Hirata’s patience paid off as she attacked, landing powerful counter punches. The opening round concluded after a decisive battle against the fence.

The second round saw the continued exchange of punches and kicks to the feet as they looked to launch a major attack. Lin was again the most active fighter, but the round again concluded with Hirata’s decisiveness and almost found a surrender on the carpet.

Hirata seemed to participate in the grab more frequently in the third round. With less than two minutes remaining, she brought Lynn to the rug, but was unable to secure the situation. With 20 seconds left, Hirata landed her big right hand to knock Lin down. I rushed to follow through to the end, but Lin survived until the end of the fight.

result: Itsuki Hirata fell. Heiken Lin by unanimous decision
records: Itsuki Hirata (6-1), Heiken Lin (15-4-1)
Division: straw weight
Broadcasting: Prime video
Rule: Dean Herb

Amir Ali Al-Akbri vs. Mauro Cirelli

The first minute was a sensational run with the heavyweights, but soon events began to pick up as both men hit the punches. Aliakbari got a kick and used it to complete the takedown. Cerilli rushed to his feet, but the decisive battle continued as Aliakbari took control from behind and eventually brought her back to the carpet. Landing punches as he made his way to the cross, Aliacari cut Cerilli’s slices with short elbows and came close to ending the fight.

Cerilli took advantage of the exhausted Aliakbari and began throwing punches, even hitting his mouthpiece. However, his attack was soon stifled as Aliakbari brought the fight back to the mat, found the cross again, and continued his striking attack from above until referee Herb Dean waved from the fight.

result: Amir Ali Al-Akbri def. Mauro Cirelli via TKO (Punches) – 2nd round, 4:02
records: Amir Ali Al-Akbri (11-3), Mauro Cirelli (14-5)
Division: heavy weight
Broadcasting: Prime video
Rule: Dean Herb

Marcos Almeida vs. Kirill Grechenko

Almeida kicked things off with a powerful kick from outside that hit Grechenko in the feet. He did not follow him and the fight continued on his feet, Almeida was dictating the pace of the battle. A moment later, he shot to stop him, but he lost his balance. However, while still holding his legs, he smoothly moved to the heel hook and quickly clicked Grechenko.

result: Marcos Almeida defeated. Kirill Grechenko via submission (heel hook) – Round 1, 1:04
records: Marcos Almeida (4-0), Kirill Grychenko (5-2)
Division: heavy weight
Broadcasting: Prime video
Rule: Dean Herb

Adriano Moraes vs Demetrius Johnson

An instant powerful kick to the body from Johnson started things. The fighters spent the next two minutes exchanging individual blows as they moved around the cage. Johnson began to mock Moraes, who took the fight to the ground with a gentle removal. From the guard, Moraes dropped a few elbows, but Johnson was active in threatening to surrender from his back. Moraes held first place until the end of the round.

Moraes landed well in an early exchange to start the second round. Johnson hit back, but was caught with a blow to the head and wobble. Moraes took the fight to the ground and unleashed some knees to the head. Johnson appeared and pressed Moraes against the fence, but was taken down again after a short moment. Moraes’ heavy tackle was shown once again as Johnson did his best with his back.

Johnson turned up the pressure to start the third hit, hitting clean shots while Moraes circled outside. Boasting in and out with quick punches and elbows, Johnson kept Moraes on the defensive in Mighty Mouse’s best run yet.

Moraes looked for a grab early in the fourth inning, but Johnson was able to escape. However, the second snatch was more successful for the champ, as he kept Johnson strapped to the fence, landing his knees on the body. Johnson landed a few on his own before breaking up. Back in the center of the cage, some nice sweet exchanges took place. Johnson slipped off the Moraes’ left hook and responded with his stiff right hand to send the Champion onto the board. Johnson then rushed with his knee to the head to perform a knockout. What an end!

result: Demetrius Johnson def. Adriano Moraes by knockout (knee) – 4th round, 3:50
records: Adriano Moraes (20-4), Demetrius Johnson (24-4-1)
Division: fly weight
Broadcasting: Prime video
Rule: Olivier Cost