June 25, 2024

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Colombia: Congress approves bull taming ban

Colombia: Congress approves bull taming ban

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title, Fight against the bulls in Bogotá in 2023.

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After several successive attempts, the Colombian Congress this Tuesday approved a law banning bullfighting in the South American country.

With 93 votes in favor and 2 against, the House of Representatives gave final approval to the plan, which also bans other types. “Cruel Animal Entertainment”Rejonio (bullfighting on horseback), bullfighting and calves etc.

What follows is that the text approved in the House must be reconciled with the text approved in the Senate so that it then goes to the President for assent. Both are expected to be simple procedures.

The new law gives the government three years to provide economic alternatives to people working in bullfighting.

and establishes that bulls are replaced Suitable settings for cultural and sporting events.

The ban on taming bulls comes into effect in 2027.

President Gustavo Pedro responded to the message from his X account, “Congratulations to those who have finally turned death into a spectacle. Those who amuse the death of animals will amuse themselves with the death of men; “as those who burn books burn men,” he wrote.

The struggle against bull-crushing

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title, The animal rights movement had been calling for a ban for more than a decade.

“Thousands of families without jobs”

This Tuesday’s result comes later Many attempts to ban this tradition have failed.

Senator Andrea Padilla, known for her animal rights campaign, said on her X account: “Obviously, bull tamers will demand the law: of course, we will be there to defend it.”

Bullfighting is a centuries-old tradition in Colombia, although its popularity is declining in the country.

In 2012, when he was mayor of Bogotá, Gustavo Pedro banned the use of public spaces and resources for bullfighting, resulting in It is practically impossible to conduct a bullfighting season in the city.

But in cities like Manizales and Cali There is still a large bull taming community and annual events.

Congresswoman Ana Rogelia Monsalve took to social network X to show her discomfort with the law’s approval.

Today thousands of families are unemployed“Today they are leaving thousands of people without jobs,” he wrote.

During a debate in Congress, one bullfighter described the plan as “political harassment that seeks to destroy our dreams and our rights.”

Ecuador, Spain, France, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Venezuela are the only seven countries in the world that continue to allow bullfighting.

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