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China launches satellite to monitor and search for natural resources in space

China launches satellite to monitor and search for natural resources in space


28 dic 2021 00:18 GMT

This is the 39th launch of the Long March 4C spacecraft, part of the Zhang Zhen rockets, which China has used in its space exploration program in recent decades.

China’s National Space Administration (CNSA) launched a new surveillance satellite from the Taiwan Cosmotrome in Shanxi Province at 03:11 GMT this Sunday, focusing on exploring terrestrial resources from space. Reported Space pro in official statement.

Launched into orbit with the help of the Long March-4C carrier rocket, the ‘Juan 102-E’ satellite weighs 2.5 kg and is equipped with infrared, near-infrared and hyperspectral cameras.

High resolution infrared camera Creating Photographs with a resolution of five meters while operating in pancreatic mode. When operating in multispectral mode, images are created in three bands reaching a resolution of 10 meters. The hyperspectral team will provide photos in 166 spectral bands.

Images obtained by surveillance satellites will help Chinese scientists explore mineral resources, monitor water, transport and agriculture during natural disasters.

The same rocket carried another small satellite, which will be used for educational activities at Beijing 101 High School, as well as part of the Xiwang (‘hope’ in China) education program for cooperation between China and Africa. Dissemination of science among the youth.

The same report by the Chinese space agency states that this is the 39th launch of the Long March Model 4C rocket and the 403rd in the entire Long March rocket series.

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