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Caracas applauds the renewed recognition of the Maduro government before the UN General Assembly


6 dic 2021 23:11 GMT

Samuel Mongada, the organisation’s Venezuelan ambassador, described the continued recognition as a victory against the US occupation.

Venezuela’s envoy to the United Nations, Samuel Mongota, celebrated the General Assembly’s reaffirmation of the condition of the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

During his participation in the General Assembly, Moncata thanked member states for re-accepting the Venezuelan delegation’s credentials. “Success of International Law” And “of the sovereign people against the colonial occupation of America.”

“We thank the member states of this legislature for accepting our credentials, for rejecting the colonial occupations against our country, and for recognizing the will of our people. Venezuela will always be free, independent and sovereignMoncada said.

Former Vice President Juan Quito, who announced himself as the “leader” of an invitation in 2019, “the diplomat noted.Interim Government“The initial support provided by some governments is now gone.

“In 2019, the colonial slave created by the United States to plunder Venezuela had the support of 60 countries. Today, the UN. Of the 193 countries, only 16 refused to recognize President Maduro. This is the victory of international law and the right of the people to self-determination, “said Moncata, referring to his delegation, which is recognized by the organization each year.

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“America cannot nationalize the rest of the world”

The ambassador also referred to US international policy and warned that there was no law that would allow one country to interfere in another country’s internal affairs. “America cannot nationalize the rest of the world”, He said.

“The United Nations does not have the legal authority to act as an arbiter of member states’ political institutions, much less in democracies around the world,” he added.

Moncata recalled You can not use it to ignore the General Assembly The United States and its allies must continue to advance the objectives of violating the UN Charter, either to the rules of its members or to “rules of conduct” or “selected criteria of democracy”.

The Caracas representative pointed to the United States, by wanting to impose it “Global decision maker” policy On Electoral processes Of other countries, in defiance of its international obligations and showing its perpetual intent to “destabilize political systems around the world.”