June 14, 2024

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Britney Spears collaborates with Elton John on Hold Me Closer, her first release in six years

Britney Spears collaborates with Elton John on Hold Me Closer, her first release in six years
After a six-year hiatus, Britney Spears Music returned on Friday with the release of “Hold Me Closer” in collaboration with her Elton John.
The song, an EDM reimagining of John’s 1971 Tiny Dancer, marks Spears’ first new release since the legal victory last November that freed her from Guardianship for 13 years that dominated her professional and personal life.
Last year, Spears revealed that she has moved away from music and performing after guardianship “You killed my dreams.” Her last album “Glory” arrived in 2016.
Prior to the release of “Hold Me Closer”, Spears tweeted She teaches “Every day is a clean slate of trying to be a better person and do what makes me happy.”

She added that she wanted to be “as brave as I was at a younger age”.

John said he was inspired by his husband, David Furnish, to join Spears, adding that he believes their duo will give her much-needed confidence after such a “painful time”.

“I’m so excited to be able to do that with her because if it’s a huge success, and I think it might be, it will give her a lot more confidence than I already have and she’ll realize that people really love her and nurture her and I want her to be happy” The Guardian newspaper.

A quick social media scan and it seems fans are happy with the joint release.

One fan wrote on Twitter, “What a great and beautiful song you guys make a great team! We miss you so much Brett, you can’t imagine how happy I am to hear you sing again!”

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Another said: “Welcome back!!! Hold me the closest thing! Great! Your voice is so good!”

But among music critics, opinion was more divided.

The song was given a four star rating Michael Craig The Guardian He notes that Spears “throws some hilarious ‘yes’, hyped ads that sound like an actual cry of joy rather than the robotic maneuvers of someone being transported from the studio to the waiting car.”

He adds, “Spears seems to be hinting at finding that for herself again in music. Even if this is a one-off—and who can blame her if she doesn’t want to go back to full-time pop music—it seems like enough.”

according to Vogue Christian Allier“There’s just something about Britney’s voice and a dance path that goes very well together — like red wine and a basket of bread. She does things with her tone of voice that all other pop girls can’t. That’s why she’s a true pop princess.”
Writing in the UK times, however, Reviewer Will Hodgkinson wasn’t enthusiastic about it. While he said “Britney Spears’ return should be welcomed with open arms,” ​​he called “Hold Me Closer” a “bloodless remix” that “doesn’t give space for Spears to shine while killing the magic of the original.”