April 17, 2024

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What we know so far

What we know so far

This time around, the show seems to be going through major changes.

While a seventh season of the popular cartoon is definitely on its way, it may not be the season we’re used to seeing.

In the wake of domestic violence allegations against former series creator Justin Roiland and star of the voice of Rick and Morty, the show will undergo a major restructuring for its upcoming seventh season.

Roiland was fired from Adult Swim, and although charges were dropped, the controversy tarnished his reputation and the future of the show.

Despite the departure of Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty will continue to entertain viewers with the upcoming seventh season as the season is already in production. Although details about the new season, including the cast, number of episodes, and plot, are still being worked out, we can already anticipate what to expect.


The Season 6 finale hints at what is to come, as Rick reveals that he is determined to find his original counterpart Rick Prime and avenge the death of his wife and daughter. This means that the main plot of the upcoming season will revolve around Rick hunting down his enemy and finally getting his long-awaited revenge.

As for the main supporting cast of Rick and Morty, all but Justin Roiland will be returning to their iconic roles. Expect to hear Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, and Sarah Chalke ready to continue Rick and Morty’s journey yet again. Replacing Roiland and voicing Rick and Morty and the other supporting characters he brought to life remains unclear.

Although the release date of Rick and Morty Season 7 has yet to be announced, it may follow the trend of previous seasons and premiere about a year after the end of the previous season. This means that if the showrunners stick to the trend, we may get to see our favorite characters again on the big screen this December.

While the news about the upcoming season may seem disappointing at first glance, as the show has lost its main voice and character of the show, Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon isn’t going anywhere.

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He is expected to take over the duties of director, writer and producer for the seventh season, demonstrating his proven competence as a series creator. So Rick and Morty fans can rest assured that Season 7 is on its way, and it will be just as good as the season before it.