June 17, 2024

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Brandon Sanderson Kickstarter Over $19 Million in 2 Days

Brandon Sanderson Kickstarter Over $19 Million in 2 Days

Photo by American fantasy author Brandon Sanderson taken on June 3, 2011.

SFX Magazine | the future | Getty Images

Brandon Sanderson Ask people on Kickstarter For $1 million to publish four novels he wrote during the pandemic. They funded it in 35 minutes.

Two days later, Sanderson’s campaign crossed $19 million from more than 76,000 supporters – and he still has 28 days to go. It’s already the most funded Kickstarter for the publishing project, surpassing Sanderson’s previous campaign which raised $6.7 million.

A prolific science fiction and fantasy author, Sanderson is best known for creating the fantasy universe Cosmere, where most of his novels revolve. This includes the “Mistborn” and “Stormlight Archives” series.

In addition, he helped finish the last three novels in Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” book series, which was recently turned into a TV series by Amazon.

Sanderson’s Kickstarter offers supporters four new novels, three of which are set in Cosmere, as digital e-books, audiobooks or physical copies based on their level of donation. People who spend more than a certain limit will also receive eight monthly “swag” chests of items related to Sanderson’s work.

As the owner of a small book company called Dangsteel Entertainment, Sanderson used Kickstarter as a way to raise enough money to provide enough books to meet demand so that he could offer a year’s subscription fund service.

Many artists have turned to Kickstarter to fund projects and assess consumer demand. Clearly, readers want more from Sanderson.

“I started it all by doing my best to surprise you,” Sanderson wrote in an update to Kickstarter on Wednesday. “Now you’ve given it back to me…this is incredible, overwhelming, and somewhat unreasonable. I went to bed last night hoping people would enjoy my little revelation and wake up to a phenomenon.”

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