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Borick confirms that his reforms will be “gradual” to “give a signal of peace” after the reaction of the markets to his success.


21 dic 2021 16:30 GMT

After the referendum, the dollar appreciated and shares of Chilean companies fell.

Chile’s elected President Gabriel Boric visited today Constitutional Conference, Who is in charge of creating a new Magna Carta, also said that the reforms of his future government will be carried out “gradually”, a “sign of peace” in the South American nation’s economy.

I acknowledge the dignity The comments of the panel note come later Reaction Markets of the results of the referendum. In fact, the dollar reached a low on Monday Record number of 875.56 paise, I.e. daily progress not seen since the 2008 crisis, this Tuesday it is located at 869.

In addition, the Santiago Stock Exchange opened the week with a fall of more than 7% on average. In that situation, Borick said “Economic commitment is important.”

“I did not come here with the intention of inciting hatred with the current president.”

Wondering what his administration would be like, the Left leader promised to seek consensus: “We have a duty to achieve. Wide deals In parliament to implement the reforms we propose to the people of Chile, “he said.” It will be a government with a lot of dialogue, not just in parliament, ”he added.

However, he noted that the compliance of the management branch depends on its own criteria: “The Cabinet is the sole responsibility of the President Of the Republic. We are going to work with the best and the best to meet the challenge we have as a nation.

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Regarding Sebastian Pinera, he said his intention was not to “cause animosity with the current president.” He further stressed: “I’m eager to join”.

“I do not expect a conference in the service of our government.”

Currently, Chile is in the process of transitioning from the constitution of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship. Boric, who arrives in Palacio de la Monet in March after the social upheaval that began in 2019, “Willingness to cooperate with the constitutional process”.

Commenting on this, the 35-year-old leader pointed out: “I do not expect a conference in the service of our government. Beyond the political context“In turn, he thanked.” The biggest ‘hit’ [trabajo] “According to the politician,” they are workers without proper recognition.

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