February 26, 2024

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Bill Belichick reportedly yelled at Joe Judge, and gradually began to kick him out

Bill Belichick reportedly yelled at Joe Judge, and gradually began to kick him out

Joe Judge’s tenure as head coach of the New York Giants ended badly, and that seemed to carry over as he returned to New England.

The Patriots’ offensive assistant and quarterbacks coach worked with Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick to help direct MacJones and company. But the 2022 season It was a disaster To this end, while Patricia received most of the criticism, the judge did not receive preferential treatment either.

Reportedly, the 41-year-old aide been “phased out” during the season, according to Andrew Callahan and Karen Joreggian of the Boston Herald. This was a steep fall from the judge’s grace He was expected to order He played a large role in the New England staff, and there was a pre-season prospect for the former Giants coach to rebound from a 4-13 season the previous season.

The Boston Herald reported that “Joe Judge, as they later suspected, was in a long phase of gradual elimination.” β€œIt was a stark change from training camp when Judge would lead meetings and share the playing call sheet in team stints with Patricia and Belichick. Judge also coached across positions in practice, sometimes forcing other assistants to correct his talking points to players during drills.”

β€œI think there have been times when coaches get frustrated, especially those who have been on staff in years past and knew what we did,” a source told Guregian and Callahan.

Judge reportedly “rubbed people the wrong way” when he was trying to make an effort at team meetings, and he, too I fret Belichick and Jones, who “didn’t like” the judge.

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The Boston Herald reported that “As Patricia has come under fire from without as a front for the crime, the judge has drawn mounting criticism from within.” Belichick would lash out at him in practice, and it was not uncommon for Judge and Jones to trade bouts of profanity. Jones’ confidence in his position as coach was virtually non-existent.