May 23, 2024

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Archbishop of Madrid and Rector Major of the Salesians to be made Cardinals by Pope Francis – Pope Francis

Archbishop of Madrid and Rector Major of the Salesians to be made Cardinals by Pope Francis – Pope Francis

He Pope Francisco He made a surprise announcement in Angeles this Sunday that he will hold a consistory on September 30 to create a total of 21 new cardinals. Among them are three Spaniards: Archbishop of Madrid, Jose Cobo, He began his pastoral ministry this Saturday as president of the diocese of Madrid. Rector Major of the Salesians, Angel Fernandez Artim and Bishop of Ajaccio, Francisco Javier Bustillo of Pamplona.

As the Argentine pontiff himself noted, the new appointments “express the universality of the Church” because it is distributed across the planet and in different regions.

Of the new cardinals, 18 are “poppable” and currently participate in the conclave of the under-eighties. Although three others were past that age, the Pope wanted to highlight their “church service” in this way.

The new cardinals are members of the Roman Curia, archbishops, bishops and nuncios, Vatican ambassadors and come from five continents. Almost a third of those appointed were from Spain or Latin America.

21 new cardinals to be created by Pope Francis

1- Robert Francis, President of the Dicastery for Bishops

2- Claudio Gugerotti, Principal of the Department for Oriental Churches

3- Victor Manuel Fernández, Principal of the Department for Theory of Faith

4- Emile Paul Discheric, Apostolic Nuncio in Italy

5- Christophe Louis Yves Georges Pierre, Papal Nuncio to America

6- Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

7- Stephen Brislin, Archbishop of Cape Town

8- Angel Sixto Rossi, Archbishop of Córdoba (Argentina)

9- Luis José Rueda Aparicio, Archbishop of Bogota

10- Grzegorz Rys, Archbishop of ?odz

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11- Stephen Ameu Martin Mulla, Archbishop of Juba

12- Jose Cobo Cano, Archbishop of Madrid

13- Protes Rugambwa, Associate Archbishop of Tabora

14- Sebastian Francis, Bishop of Penang

15- Stephen Chow Chow-yan, Bishop of Hong Kong

16- Francisco Javier Bustillo, Bishop of Ajaccio

17- Américo Manuel Alves Aguirre, Auxiliary Bishop of Lisbon

18- Angel Fernandez Artim, Rector Major of the Salesians

Along with them, three members of the College of Cardinals will be created cardinals: two archbishops and a religious who have distinguished themselves for their service to the Church:

19- Agostino Marchetto, Nuncio Apostolico.

20- Diego Rafael Patrón Sánchez, Archbishop Emeritus of Cumana

21- Luis Pascual Tree, Confessor at the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii, Buenos Aires

Holy Land and ‘Sea Sunday’

Apart from announcing the consecration of the Consistory, the Argentine pontiff lamented New “blood” in the last hours of the holy land, For this reason, he hoped that Israeli and Palestinian authorities “can resume direct dialogue to end the cycle of violence.”

Likewise, on the occasion of ‘Sea Sunday’ celebrated by Christian communities on the second Sunday of July, the Holy Pontiff remembers “all those who work on ships, in ports and in the marine environment”. Likewise, he thanked the people for their work in protecting the sea from “various forms of pollution”. And it warns about the tons of trash we dump in the oceans that are destroying the environment.

Also, it has proven the work of those working in the Mediterranean To save the settlers from the seaTen years had passed since he visited Lampedusa, which had become a veritable graveyard for immigrants.

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