May 26, 2024

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Advent of the Wizards 2030

Advent of the Wizards 2030
We have lived and continue to live in an age Social engineeringSensation and reflex action From the centers of decision-making, especially from the state to influence the relations, structure and life of society. The concept was born in the 19th century in America and was developed by Karl Popper with his monumental work in the following. The Open Society and Its Enemies (1945), where he states that there are two conflicting views Social engineering. A “new civilisation”, “transforming humanity at its roots”, “the march of history” and embracing other modest aims is the inherent characteristic of revolutionary elites. Complete social engineering. Until the end of the 20th century, he allowed himself to rule a large part of humanity Authoritarian regimes That they failed. That ideology was founded by Marx, and as a result, socialism-communism, which he considered “inevitable,” gave revolutionaries who “represented good and justice” the right to destroy power by force of arms without consultation. old society.” They do not need consent to eliminate the exploitative ways of life that have developed over thousands of years: property, democracy, freedom, religion, parties, unions; and There was a storm in the sky Revolutionary education, instilling a new morality, destroying the bourgeois family, establishing tyrannies, creating a “revolution” and creating a “new man”.

After the Bolshevik victory, the silver value of rhetoric is appreciated in the election of a “bloc”. With the well-known mystical sermon of Jacob: Holy people, “the popular will, the birth of a new nation; but because they lost absurdly (25%), Lenin fulfilled the “indefinable rights” with his mustache and dissolved the monument of that sovereignty. Placed on the opposite end Fragmented social engineering Uses partial reforms as part of maintaining a civilized society, in constant dialogue with it. Law, territorial political division of nations, sovereignty, institutions, public, fiscal and monetary policies are the result of government decisions that shape modern society. Part of the state’s existence is to create, maintain and promote coexistence in a combination of social democracy and political liberalism, one said that social democracy is the only way to be effective in real politics. The LiberalsUnlike this which is chained to the existence of three independent public powers Anarchist KolliberalismThe libertarians“Right-wing” anarchists, utopians who want an unstable society, are complete idiots who don’t fully understand what he’s talking about.

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Those who come to power are placed between governmental institutions and advocates of wider democracy and freedom An open economy, using them, regulating the economy, imposing competition and making everything work, is made possible by government action. Entertainment. A self-regulating society without government is a hegemony shared by classical Marxism, anarchists, and anarcho-liberals. Today a soft and gradual dictatorship emerges. Anyone who reads the 2030 Agenda and wants to undertake the Sisyphus task will be confronted with a text that is as cold as a fish, bureaucratic, lifeless, and repetitive. In moments of almost elusive concentration, the dead creature’s hand is taken, made up of 17 “goals” that, because of their inexplicable nature, emptiness and childishness, are not even worthy of discussion. Who can disagree? Eradication of hunger, “inequality”, “conservation of nature”; Drinking water, adequate and balanced food, comfortable housing, free and quality education for all, and plants and animals growing in the Garden of Eden? Or was mankind a garden with rivers of milk and honey?

Written by experienced elders, the only evidence of a text like this is to present it as a flock of sheep.. For this reason, many governments and individuals believed that they had signed another anodyne declaration like the predecessors. Millennium Development Goals, and none but its Machiavellian supporters should have read it. But among its 169 goals, written to make an oyster commit suicide in despair, there is as much grotesque as a version written in a mental hospital. 1984, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451. This is the agenda to travel towards Dystopia, in pursuit of a gentle totalitarian world, his slogan seems to emerge from an Orwellian older brother, “You’ll have nothing, you’ll be happy.” It proposes to change the world without violence, without threats or incitement of resistance, which has so far best achieved the “play dead to catch live vultures” text. The impossibility, the passivity, the innocuousness, the obviousness of the agenda are conceived so that readers sign between yawns. The postmodern bureaucracy of the United Nations receives a letter of approval to appear in all corners of the world, such as in schools in the farmhouses of the state of Kogedes, where it puts up billboards in favor of pedophilia and announces the arrival of 43 “types”.

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And impossible for the public and this is not a conspiracy but a well presented and conceived decision with political mastery. It is a new global constitution that, above national constitutions, allows the bureaucracy to regulate and govern freedom and democracy in the world, to tell people what is right and what is wrong, or to have sex with children. They agree. This High Constitution 2030 gradually implements the government in Europe and decides not to produce strawberries from southern Spain, or to produce “clean energy” when the Dutch begin to ban livestock, destroy dams to restore forests, as well as produce “clean energy”. Electric cars that can be Frankenstein-like (we’ll get back to this) agenda confessional societies, anti-diversity hatred, non-debatable issues, eviction (formerly imprisonment or death) and civil death. It reveals that despite technological scientific progress, the tendency towards fanaticism and superstition remains unchanged in the human condition. Repeal and DenialA postmodern nickname for ancient heresy.

All scientific knowledge is born controversial and Darwin wrote that “the only way to close a scientific debate is to keep it open”. But the environment penalizes debate on canonical theses Postmo. Progressivism has led us to believe that climate phenomena common to all ages of the planet for millions of years are the result of human activity in industrial society.Anthropology“in”Global warming“, despite the fact that there is a large group of scientists who deny this theory, the media calls them “Those who refuse” was therefore removed from public discussion. Highland studies of violence show that 80% of those killed are men (this rises to 93% when wars are included), but the perception is that women are disproportionately killed; 74% of intimate partner violence occurs between gay men, 21% between hetero couples and 5% between lesbian couples, but research that proves it “Rejection of Gender-Based Violence”. Despite scientific evidence of the need to eat animal protein, which made possible the evolution of the brain from human to human, the 2030 Agenda seeks to destroy the production and consumption of meat and produce “synthetic meat”. They plan to produce insect proteins, all of which translates into big business Free.

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Abrogation in the middle of institutions to stifle the democratic way of life. The Incorrect One Those who refuse Who deserve to have their expressions, chairs, thoughts undermined in the name of democracy lobby Fanatics: Hypersexuals, animalists, environmentalists, pedophiles, feminists. A merciless secular religion with 17 commandments with no forgiveness, what a criminal stalker for anyone, progressive and non-progressive. Cicero mentions Condemned memories, damaging memory even in graves in cemeteries. A kind of revived Calvinism, Puritanism coming to rescue from destruction Inheritance To a society surrendered by Catholic tolerance. These neo-Calvinists make people laugh and wonder with their self-justifications, punishing non-existent or remaining evils, which bring to life in their imagination: patriarchy, misogyny, transphobia, plumophobia, homophobia, phadophobia and other disabilities, extreme expression. Emotional disorders of those who pronounce them. Higenio Marin, Spanish theologian, “He who governs what you shall say, governs what you shall think, what you shall will and what you shall feel; and it modifies the human forms of perpetuating desire.” Seduction is already prohibited, and heterosexuality is almost a crime lobby. Winston in London 1984Love is strictly forbidden and you can only have mechanical sex without the disturbing element.