April 15, 2024

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ADT is now offering integration with Google devices in its new home security solution

ADT is now offering integration with Google devices in its new home security solution

Three years after Google invested $450 million in home security company ADT, the two companies are finally offering a complementary offering to customers looking for a DIY smart security setup. ADT self-setting systemwhich launched last month, will now integrate with Google Nest devices — including video doorbells and indoor and outdoor cameras.

While ADT offered Google’s smart home devices as part of its professionally installed packages shortly after the investment, this is the first time the two companies have offered full software security integration for a DIY product.

ADT Sensors and Google Cameras can now be controlled directly in the Google Home app or on the Google Nest Hub, as well as through the ADT app. In addition, you can arm and disarm the system using the Nest hub (2nd generation or Nest Hub Max). ADT Self Setup can be professionally monitored with ADT SMART Monitoring for $24.99 per month, which includes the option to enable video verification that can aid in faster responses from emergency services. But you have to pay for it Nest Aware subscription Also, to $34.99.

This is a compelling integration on paper, especially considering ADT press release It is implied that the starter kit, which includes the Nest Doorbell, hub, and a handful of sensors, will cost $219.98. That’s a lot less expensive than Google’s excellent but pricey $400 Nest Secure system. (This product was discontinued immediately after the announcement of the ADT partnership.)

the edge I called ADT to confirm this, as we couldn’t find the $219.98 price on the site. Pricing is an introductory offer, ADT chief technology officer Raya Sevilla told us. Recently, The starter package will cost $479.99. Right now, the “Starter” is on sale for $380, not $220. We have yet to find any $220 package on the site, despite repeated requests for clarification. ADT’s representative, Karina Malaff, pointed out Build your own choice This is on sale for $80. But this is only for the hub and ignores the doorbell, cameras, sensors and all the other equipment you need to make it work. Quickly adding these parts gets you over $220.

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This price places the ADT Self Setup hardware above popular DIY security systems from Ring and SimpliSafe. Ring Alarm hardware bundles with a wireless video doorbell Starting at about $340. Ring Professional Monitoring costs $20 per month. SimplySafe The cost of the basic package with the camera is $ 465, and Simplisafe monitoring (which includes video verification) is $28 per month. All security companies seem to have their hardware packages on semi-permanent sales, which makes cross-comparisons difficult.

We’ll also have to wait and see how the ADT hardware pans out. From the looks of it, the ADT’s self-priming hardware is the same one that was sold with my first unlucky DIY home security system, Blue from ADT. Originally LifeShield before ADT bought it and refurbished it, Blue It was launched a week before the Google investment was announced. At the time, it housed an array of cameras, including a video doorbell. Since then ADT Discontinued sales of Blue But the service is still supported.

The ADT Self-Setup with Google Home Hardware Bundle costs $220 and includes the $180 Google Nest Doorbell.
Photo: ADT

The ADT self-setup includes door and window sensors, motion sensors, flood and temperature sensors, and a keychain remote control to disarm the system. It also requires an ADT smart hub, which includes a keyboard and acts as the brain for the sensors. Customers can purchase the system packaged with Nest products, including a doorbell (battery, not corded), Nest Cam indoor and outdoor, and both Nest thermostats, through ADT website.

According to a video from ADTYou can use ADT sensors to power Google Home smart home automation, including turning lights on or off when a motion sensor detects motion. It is also possible to arm and disarm the system from the Nest Hub (2nd generation) or Nest Hub Max. Seville says the edge It is possible to integrate existing Nest products into a self-setup by adding them to Home in the ADT Plus app.

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Updated Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 10:53 am: New details have been added, including pricing for the Self Setup Starter Kit, that existing Google Nest products will integrate with the system, and that it’s compatible with the Nest Hub Max.