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Abnormal symptoms in children due to omigran variation of the corona virus detected in the United Kingdom


8 dic 2021 21:40 GMT

Researchers are currently conducting laboratory tests to determine whether this new variant is more contagious than others, whether it is resistant to the vaccine, or whether its infection is more severe.

One of the characteristic symptoms Omigron variant A British doctor has warned that the appearance of corona virus in children could be the result of “abnormal” skin rashes.

The new variant is enjoyed by patients in contracted younger age groups Fatigue, Severe headache And Anorexia, Said Dr. Speaking to Sky News, David Lloyd urged parents to be vigilant about these symptoms.

According to the doctor, it is common to be observed Rash in some patients Adults with Govit-19, but up to 15% of minors affected by the Omigron variant “Abnormal psoriasis“Body skin. Although it is too early to say that this variant of the corona virus is very dangerous, Omigron is highly contagious and,” the data show. Don’t be too vicious“Like the delta variant, Lloyd said.

The spread of a new variant of the corona virus

Researchers are currently conducting Laboratory tests Results are expected in a few weeks to determine if the new variant is more contagious than others, has greater resistance to the vaccine, or if its infection is more severe.

There was the Omigron variant First detected It spread to South Africa and more than 40 countries in late November Jump alarms Promotes closures around the world and across borders.

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