May 23, 2024

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A Mexican girl enters university at the age of nine

A Mexican girl enters university at the age of nine

He knew how to use, write and manage proper English at the age of four.

Michelle Arellano Guillén, a girl from Chiapas, Mexico, will begin her medical career in August this year.

Michael is only nine years old and has an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of over 150 points, two less than German scientist Albert Einstein.

CI tests are standardized and show a person’s cognitive and intellectual ability compared to others of the same age.

After various medical courses, the girl’s parents noticed something different. The results show that he is a capable person. Because of this, Arellano was rejected from various schools in Chiapas.

Her parents told El Heraldo newspaper that they noticed that Michael was bored in class, so they decided to implement everything so that the girl’s studies progressed, from the fourth grade to the sixth grade.

“We requested a grade acceleration at the Ministry of Education: he went from the fourth year to the sixth grade of primary school. It’s like his first jump,” Michael’s mother Carina Guillen Cruz told UnoTV.

“Then, they told us that they can do the accreditation through a single assessment, so we accepted that offer and in November 2021, they accredited the primary school and now, in March 2022, they accredited the middle school and high school. Called Chenival, it is credited on 4th July.

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