April 18, 2024

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A Latina living in Italy reveals how many days she has to work a month to make ends meet Viral

A Latina living in Italy reveals how many days she has to work a month to make ends meet  Viral

Thousands of Latin Americans are moving to Europe in search of better opportunities. Some of them share their experience on social networks and compare it to working abroad, as Argentine Eve Rojas has now demonstrated.

This is the case Evie Rojas, an Argentinian user, has been living in Italy with her husband for some time. He went viral on TikTok after showing off everything he bought at a supermarket and revealing how many days he had to work for a month’s worth of food.

“Many people were skeptical about how much we spent on food per month in Italy, mainly family and friends,”, the young woman began to say as she toured the establishment and saw the cart filling up. Among the products you can see Pasta, meat, soft drinks, cookies, preserves, vegetables, dairy products and some frozen.

“I made this video so you can see how much we can buy. Being two people, we calculate that all of this is enough for two and a half weeks, almost three, depending on how much we eat.He assured when he reached the box.

She lives in Italy and went viral revealing how much it costs to shop for a month

Showing the sales slip, he revealed how many working days it would take to make a purchase at the supermarket. “They are 134 euros and 66 cents, and since the basic salary in Italy is 50 euros a day, we would have to work approximately two and a half days to buy these”He pointed out.

The fact surprised more than one internet user who took to the comment section to ask some questions like what does she do in Argentina or where does she live.

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In case there was any doubt, Evie uploaded a new clip in which she explains that she has two jobs: Firstly, he is dedicated to cleaning hotels and secondly, he is a dishwasher.It allows you to make 75 euros per day.

He also explained that contracting is important and that there is more work in summer than in winter.

What is the minimum wage in Italy?

Not all member states of the European Union have a statutory minimum wage. While Denmark, Italy, Austria, Finland and Sweden set the SMI through collective wage bargaining, 22 out of 27 do so.

Thus, the top five places in the ranking of the best minimum wages are occupied by countries with a minimum wage above 1,900 euros (Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany), although they do not exceed 2,387 euros in Luxembourg.