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A Kremlin spokesman explains what the question of “life and death” is for Moscow today


26 dic 2021 22:14 GMT

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Moscow would present various responses if the United States and NATO refused to provide security guarantees to Russia.

A spokesman for the president told the Rossiya-1 television channel on Sunday that Russia’s planned deception over NATO’s non-expansion had become a threat to Russia’s security, which was unacceptable to Moscow. Reports Toss

“For the last two decades or so, we have been deliberately misguided, and as a result of this frustration, we have reached a situation. Our safety is at stake, The danger of continuing this frustration is the danger of expanding NATO’s political and military infrastructure towards our borders, “Peskov said.

According to Pesco, one of these threats NATO expansion to countries like Ukraine And perhaps other countries that were part of the Soviet Union. “It has become a matter of life and death for us,” a Russian spokesman said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Underlined This Sunday, if the United States and the Atlantic Alliance refuse to provide security guarantees, Moscow has a range of possible responses based on the proposals of military experts. In this context, Peskov Remembered Test Throwing A hypersonic missile exploded this Friday in Zircon.

  • Russia presented two plans last week Contracts He wants to achieve with the United States and NATO Security guarantees. Among the established approaches, the Moscow alliance demands that it stop its expansion to the east and that Ukraine not adhere to it, which is a contradictory opinion on both sides.
  • This Sunday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg proposed to convene a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council. January 12.
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