Tridonic Supplies LED Modules for Cultural Center

The new “La Grande Passerelle” cultural center has opened in the port town St. Malo, France. Tridonic supplied the LED modules and LED Drivers that the center employs in a vertical lighting solution that illuminates the media library. At night, the center’s outdoor lighting takes on a beacon-like quality with the high luminous flux of the LED modules.

The center’s media library contains about 80,000 books, CDs and DVDs. The three screens in the art-house cinema serve as another major attraction at the center. The spectacular building is located on the main axis road leading from the historic city center to the sea. The architects at Architecture-Studio chose a double wave design for the two-part complex. The design contains spacious rooms and high glass facades.

In keeping with the architectural concept, the 8’18’’ lines of light were integrated into all the wooden pillars that give structure to the glass facade. This lighting arrangement avoided the technical and physical presence of a ceiling lighting system, which would have been visible from outside. The lighting system emphasizes the feeling of space.

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Tridonic supplied LED modules for lighting of St. Malo cultural center Project Hall

Tridonic supplied LED modules for lighting of St. Malo cultural center Project Hall

Sécante, a French manufacturer specializing in custom LED lighting solutions, decided to work with Tridonic because they could swiftly react to customer-specific requirements and offer a five-year guarantee on the integrated solution. Sécante implemented the vertical lighting solution in horizontally arranged wooden slats. They varied the spacing and angle of the slats depending on the height of the room. Sécante also chose to replace the T5 luminaires with an LED solution.

Tridonic says that the municipal authorities, which run the center now benefit from 50 percent higher luminous flux for the same energy consumption and lower maintenance costs, and the elimination of disposal costs for discharge lamps containing mercury. The linear luminaires feature 2,600 TALEXXmodule LLE LED modules that can deliver more than 2,000 lm. These efficient Tridonic LED modules boast high color rendering (Ra > 80), narrow color tolerance (MacAdam 4), and perfectly homogenous light when arranged together. They also have a long rated life of 50,000 hours. Some 50 LED modules from the TALEXXmodule LLE family were installed in areas where luminous fluxes of up to 800 lm were sufficient. Some 700 TALEXXdriver LCI LED Drivers drive the LED modules.