Multi-purpose LED Streetlights Illuminate Two Areas in City of Round Rock Pilot Project

The City of Round Rock is partnering with Planled, GigaTera, and Opterra in pilot program that placed multi-function LED-based streetlights at two locations in the City. Along sections of Double Creek Drive and Forest Creek Drive GigaTera, along with Planled and lighting solutions firm Opterra, installed, at no cost the City, 100 high efficiency LED lampheads on existing street light poles. The city of Roundrock near Austin expects replacing existing streetlights will save the city dramatically in energy and maintenance costs. In addition to offering more natural lighting at night, the multipurpose LED streetlights can flash red to alert motorists of an emergency.

LED-based streetlights on the right, original lights on the left

LED-based streetlights on the right, original lights on the left

The city intends to test the flashing function a limited number of times, primarily to showcase the advanced technology in the lampheads. Other LED streetlights now illuminate the parking lot of the Round Rock Police Station Some of these new lampheads at the police station have built-in high-definition cameras to provide additional security at the Safety Exchange Zone that the city established there in June.

RoundRock created the Safety Exchange Zone to give citizens a safe location to exchange goods purchased on sites like Craigslist.
Planled approached the city because Round Rock has already adopted LED technology in some facilities, including the Round Rock Sports Center.

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“We’re glad to provide Planled with a venue to demonstrate its advanced LED technology,” assistant city manager Brooks Bennett said. “These smart devices have the potential to save money and improve safety, and we are anxious to see what kind of a difference they can make.”

John Hwang, CEO of Planled stated, “Round Rock is truly a leader in adopting the most advanced and protective products available. This city is blazing the trail for many other communities to adopt the next generation of LED street lighting and security systems.”

“We are proud to showcase the rapidly growing and responsibly led community of Round Rock with our first of its kind multi-purpose lighting system,” said Duk Yong Kim, Chairman of GigaTera. “Residents, businesses, and visitors will benefit from the bold leadership of Round Rock.”