June 16, 2024

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The Rabbit R1 is loosely based on Android

The Rabbit R1 is loosely based on Android

AIs have the potential to be very interesting, but they've had a very rocky start. The new Rabbit R1 app looked fun before launch, but most early adopters wondered why it wasn't just an Android or iOS app. As it turns out, there's a smartphone app that does the same things.

The Rabbit R1 was announced earlier this year as a little gadget that can help you answer questions on the go using artificial intelligence. One of the big selling points was the use of large business models that can be trained to handle actions in different applications and services, allowing AI to do the work in the future once you show it how to do it. It's a neat concept, and the $200 price tag for the device was very interesting.

But, as all the initial reviews agreed, it's a very rough product as it stands. The battery is abysmal, the touchscreen is uselessly limited, and the software is inconsistent.

The question that gets asked more than anything else is why this experience isn't just a phone app. The Rabbit R1 itself is just a touchscreen and camera that fits in your pocket, just like your phone does. So why not just run it on the phone?

to update: In a statement to 9to5GoogleRabbit says the device is actually based on a “bespoke” (in other words, highly custom) AOSP design.

Rabbit r1 is not an Android application. We are aware that there are some unofficial app/website emulators for Rabbit OS. We understand the eagerness people have to taste our AI and LAM instead of waiting for their r1 to arrive. However, to clear up any misunderstandings and set the record straight, Rabbit OS and LAM are run on the cloud with very detailed AOSP and lower-level firmware modifications, so a local illegal APK without the proper OS and cloud endpoints will not be able to With that. Access our service. Rabbit OS is customized for r1 and we do not support third party clients. Following today's OTA, we implemented several cloud verification improvements to validate device/client requests. We reserve all rights regarding any harmful and illegal cyber security activities towards our Services.

Our original coverage has been edited to reflect this.

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Robot body It received the APK for “R1 Launcher”, an Android app that contains the entire Rabbit R1 experience and can be run on an Android phone. Upon installation (apparently after some tweaking), the app recognized the phone's T-Mobile SIM card and was able to use the phone's volume button instead of the R1's side button. The app allows setting up a “rabbithole” account as well as the ability to use the settings menu and the AI ​​voice assistant.

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