Birmingham Parking Garages to Get Philips LED Lighting

The City of Birmingham and Philips Lighting announced a new project to upgrade the current parking garage lighting to energy-efficient, connected LED lighting. The project is part of Mayor William Bell’s “Brighter Birmingham Lighting Plan,” which will employ strategic improvements in the city’s lighting infrastructure. The mayor intends the lighting upgrades to increase public safety, enrich the local community,  and improve energy efficiency. The parking garage retrofits are projected to save about $375,000 annually in energy and maintenance costs.

LED-based luminaires from Philips Lighting illuminates City of Birmingham-parking-garage-before_after

“By continuing to expand the benefits of LED lighting across our streets, highways, and parks and neighborhoods, Birmingham is leading the way, not only to real energy and cost savings, but improving the quality of life provided to our residents and local businesses,” said Mayor William Bell.

In total, Philips plans to install about 4,500 energy LED luminaires across seven different downtown parking garages.
The Philips luminaires planned for the installation include the Gardco EcoForm LED site and area luminaires, the Gardo G3 LED garage luminaires and the DW Vaporlume LEDs. The system features wireless controls that can modify the light output levels and schedule.

The system also uses new, motion detection sensor technology that turns up the lights when there is motion in the garage and keeps the lights down when there is no motion. The motion detection can provide additional energy savings. In addition, the city says that the sensors can help reduce loitering time in and around the garages.

“Advancements in lighting technology and connected systems have fundamentally changed the way that cities operate. Within just five days of the first parking deck being completed, garage attendants reported a noticeable increase in utilization of the facility,” said Stacy Gillen, Head of End User Sales of Philips Lighting Americas. “Birmingham is a prime example among US cities that are realizing the value that lighting can help bring to communities and constituents alike.”

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