April 17, 2024

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Yuan Lopez, Buck Showalter comment, fined

Yuan Lopez, Buck Showalter comment, fined

NEW YORK – Major League Baseball suspended Mets coach Buck Showalter on Monday over Savior’s actions Yuan Lopezwho thought MLB “on purpose” threw them Kyle Schwarber During Sunday night’s match against Velez.

In addition, Lopez received a three-game suspension for throwing multiple pitches inside Schwarber. Showalter served his suspension in Monday’s game against the Braves, shortly after finding out. Lopez, who is currently with Triple-A Syracuse, has a right to appeal. He will serve his suspension once he returns to Majors.

Penalties continued the Mets’ 2022 saga, who have taken more hits than any team in baseball, and have also been involved in several bench purges. follow the mets Dust with Cardinals On Wednesday in St. Louis, both Lopez and Tiguan Walker received fines, but the only player suspended from that incident were for Cardinals Nolan Arenado and Genesis Cabrera.

Showalter and Lopez also received fines as part of Monday’s penalties.

A monument in the ninth half of the Mets 10-6 win Above Velez on Sunday, Lopez threw several fast balls into Schwarber, who had already fired twice at home in the match. After the second of those pitches forced Schwarber to jump out of the batter box, home plate governor Jerry Mills warned both benches.

Lopez then hit Alec Bohm with a change, but meals didn’t fire him because the pitch didn’t seem intentional.

Lindor hit a court in the eighth inning of Sunday’s game, bringing the total of the MLB leaders to 20 hitting batsmen. No other team has more than 16.

Lindor was also injured wearing a helmet in a game in Washington earlier this season. Pete Alonso was hit twice on the helmet, including last week in St. Louis. Apparently in response to that pitch, Lopez threw a fastball at Arenado, who triggered a seat evacuation incident. Then Lindor and Eduardo Escobar paid Lopez’s fine, and the Mets players met with MLB Executive Vice President of Field Operations Morgan Sword to Discussing the rash of hitting batsmen.

Now, the Mets’ penalties are moving beyond fines into the realm of suspension. Without Showalter on Monday, bench coach Glenn Sherlock served as coach. Showalter was not available to comment on the comment because it happened too close to game time.