April 18, 2024

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Young MA reacts after fans worried about her health: “We are blessed”

Young MA reacts after fans worried about her health: “We are blessed”

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Young Master

To all my fans worried about my health…

“We are blessed!!!”

Young Master Some of her fans are in a frenzy over a video she shared with her stylist, but the “OOOUUU” rapper reassures anyone who’s worried about her health…she’s blessed and very much loved.

On Tuesday, both MA and Fat Da Barber Gossip slammed on social media, trying to quell speculation thick online about the video…which shows MA mumbling incoherently in a barber’s chair. Many fans have also noticed that her eye color looks very yellow.

Her barber urged her to stop all conversations, while M. consoled him.

The MA added that it’s actually been 4 months since her last hair appointment, not just one, as her stylist posted.

As for the concern… In June 2021, Young MA announced that she was going to rehab, but quickly retracted that comment. She has also been absent from the music scene since her May 2021 album “Off The Yak” – an apparent reference to cognac consumption.

We’ve reached out to the Young MA team for an official health update…we’ll keep you posted!!!

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