May 22, 2024

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You can use other workarounds before purchasing YouTube Premium

You can use other workarounds before purchasing YouTube Premium

YouTube confirmed last week that it was testing a three strike policy for people who block ads on the platform. The policy will see video playback temporarily blocked for viewers who frequently block ads.

This made us wonder if… Android Authority Readers may take advantage of YouTube Premium or try other solutions to avoid ads first. We asked this question last week and here are the results.

Will this policy make you buy YouTube Premium?


This was a widely popular poll, with nearly 18,000 votes cast. Most popular choice? Well, 54.9% of the respondents said they would use other solutions to avoid YouTube ads first. There are actually other measures you can take, though YouTube Vanced saga reports that Google can crack down on some of these methods as well.

Meanwhile, the second most popular choice in this poll was “No, I will use other platforms,” accounting for 35.3% of the vote. The biggest problem here is that there aren’t many other quality alternatives to YouTube. And so I wonder if even half of those respondents would actually switch to something like DailyMotion.

Otherwise, 6.3% of readers polled said they would only be seated by ads, while 3.4% of respondents said that YouTube’s three strikes policy would make them buy YouTube Premium.


  • Jacob E: I subscribe to YouTube Premium but sometimes I watch YT videos on another browser (Opera) I’m not logged in. The reason I do this is because sometimes I don’t want to mess with my recommendations when I’m watching a new music video from, say, an artist I’ve never heard of. Opera has a built-in ad blocker that, so far, works seamlessly with YouTube. I wonder if this is about to change…
  • unique: I don’t mind the ads but the ads are getting very intrusive. I’m going to watch a few ads before my video but when it starts showing me 4 ads and then also interrupts the video to show more ads I’m just done. I only use an ad blocker because of website behaviors and YouTube won’t miss me enough to sponsor it
  • PhoenixSuite: If they actually implement this, a nice group work would be appropriate. It wouldn’t be too hard to prove that people who pay for no ads are still getting ads.
  • Cassidy James Blade: Another vote for “I already have YouTube Premium”. I haven’t seen ads on YouTube in years, and it’s worth it. Plus YouTube Music!
  • Joe Black: I use YouTube Premium as a family plan for me and the kids etc but we all use ad blockers on top of it. For example, sponsor blocking is a great tool for watching YouTube videos.
  • Bogorad: Where is the “I already have Youtube Premium” option? :))))