April 18, 2024

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Wrong healer sexually abuses a woman on the pretext of “curing her ailments”

In the guise of doing “healing work”, A woman in Chile has sexually abused a woman. According to the local attorney’s office, he tricked the woman into believing that if she allowed him to go home, “it would cure all her ailments.”

The event occurred Arica and BarinacottaAn area on the border of Bolivia and Peru north of Chile. Man of Bolivian nationality He tricked the 59-year-old Slip woman into entering his home; Claiming to be a healer, he could cure all her ailments and diseases through some kind of “work”.

Once at the woman’s house, The healer took off his clothes and sexually abused her. Fortunately at that moment the woman’s son rushed in and kicked the rapist out of his house. Then, both They went to the nearest police station to lodge a complaint of sexual abuse.

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The woman’s wounds were examined and sexual abuse was found, so the investigation went into hands Sexual Offenses Commission (Brisex) PTI. Due to the background of the false healer, the authorities were able to quickly locate him.

Once the object was arrested, he was transferred to the premises of the Belen Police Station.. He announced what had happened at the place and promised that he would enter the woman’s house with her consent; He reiterated that he was dedicated to the work of a healer.

Taking their confessions and considering the available evidence, the prosecutor’s office obtained it Arrest warrant against the healer. The object will be charged The crime of rape, Sentenced to more than 14 years in Chile. In detail MeconodiasisThe subject is in custody at the local warrant court where his detention was ordered.