March 22, 2023

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World Cup Qatar 2022: How much money will be available for champions, runners-up and qualifiers?

The team that wins the World Cup in Qatar will cross 38 million euros.FIFA announced this Friday after a draw for the group stage at the Doha Congress and Exhibition Center.

It was announced by FIFA, which has retained its Best Awards (38.03 million) For the winning team on December 18, 2022, the date for the World Championship final has been set. The runner-up of the competition will take home a total of 27.27 million euros.

There will also be a difference in terms of the fight for third place between the semi-finalists. in this situation, The stage-climbing country will include 24.45 million euros, while the fourth category will ‘do’ with 22.64 million.

In addition, the remaining choices will also include economic stimulus in relation to their classification in the event of three forks. Thus, Rated 5 to 8, each consortium would take 15.40 million; From 9 to 16 it will be 11.7 million euros.

Finally, From the 17th to the 32nd, all national teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar will pay 8 million euros, whether they qualify for the group stage or not. Statistics regardless of what each association agrees with the templates for its purposes or gifts.

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