June 15, 2024

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Why did blue lights appear in the sky?

Why did blue lights appear in the sky?
Earthquake in Japan, The National
Photo: EFE

Behind Powerful earthquake It shook Fukushima, Japan at 7.3 degrees, forcing Japanese authorities Activate the tsunami alertBlue lights were seen in the sky again during the earthquake.

As seen in the videos from different sources, during a powerful earthquake in Japan, blue flashes appear in the sky, an event scientifically documented and always occurring in the face of high intensity ground movements.

This phenomenon is called “earthquake lights”, which was recently documented Earthquake in Mexico In September.

Those blue lights in the sky during an earthquake are caused by the movement and displacement of plates adjacent to the Earth’s geological faults, which generate an electric charge and rise towards the sky during an earthquake.

Researchers at Rutgers University in the United States have revealed that this phenomenon has been known in earthquakes since the 1600s.

These “earthquake lights” appear before, during and after ground motion, according to events and records from previous years.

Pictures released by the NHK news channel from Japan during the Fukushima earthquake and blue lights in the sky are shown.

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