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What is the strategic significance of Kaliningrad to Russia? | World | D.W.

What is the strategic significance of Kaliningrad to Russia?  |  World |  D.W.

Within the framework of EU sanctions against Russia, Lithuania on Monday (06.20.2022) began blocking the shipment of banned products across its border to the Russian border region of Kaliningrad. Coal, metals and construction materials are some of the banned materials. Russia, for its part, has spoken out against “explicit hostility” and called for the immediate lifting of restrictions on rail traffic. However, Lithuania responded that the EU was simply enforcing sanctions on Russia as a result of its occupation of Ukraine.

What is Kaliningrad?

Region u Region Kaliningrad is located in the western part of Russia. It is an exclave, meaning it does not share borders with Russian territory. Kaliningrad borders the Baltic Sea to the west, Lithuania to the north and east, and Poland to the south. Its regional expansion is about 15,000 square kilometers, and it has a population of about half a million. Its capital is the city of Kaliningrad.

Why does Kaliningrad belong to Russia?

The current exclusive area of ​​Kaliningrad was part of eastern Prussia. At the end of World War II, after the defeat of Nazi Germany, the region was annexed by Soviet Russia. During the German Prussian period its main city, Kிக்nigsberg, was renamed Kaliningrad, giving the whole region the same name.

After the collapse and collapse of the Soviet Union, Kaliningrad became part of present-day Russia.

Kaliningrad: The capital of the global amber trade.

What is the significance of Kaliningrad to Russia?

The geographical location of Kaliningrad has strategic and military advantages for Russia. The Baltic Sea is the only port that does not freeze in winter. It is also an important Russian naval base. Sharing borders with Lithuania and Poland, the European Union and NATO member states, Russian nuclear missiles stationed at Kaliningrad can reach major European capitals.

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What else does Kaliningrad offer?

In 1724 the philosopher Emmanuel Kant was born in the ancient city of Kaliningrad in ancient Koniksberg. He spent most of his life in the Prussian city, where he was buried. Kant is best known for his concept of definite compulsion.

Kaliningrad is also the center of the world amber trade. About 80 percent of the world’s amber reserves are found there.

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