July 14, 2024

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Weekly survey results: Strong demand for Galaxy S22 Ultra, the other two in its shadow

You can’t call it a note, but you can call it a winner – the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra decisively topped the chart in last week’s poll. It was by far the most popular option and this is still in the pre-order stage, before detailed reviews came out. This phone just impresses people.

There are still plenty of people waiting for reviews (we’re working on it), but so far the future of the S22 Ultra looks bright. Will people treat his siblings, given the positive evaluations?

maybe. Right now, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ fail to convince people that the new cameras and other upgrades are worth it. In fact, given how the Galaxy S21 series gets extended support (an additional OS update and another year of security patches than originally planned), the 2021 phones look pretty good to a lot of people.

Infographics: Galaxy S22 and S22+

Charts: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra • Galaxy S22 and S22 +

Between the two, the S22 seems to be better liked. Its size is a huge draw because very few people want a flagship that isn’t bulky – the S22 is Samsung’s smallest flagship phone since the S10e and is much closer in features to its E-model’s bigger siblings. However, some appreciated the Galaxy S22+’s larger dimensions, though Than keeping the screen at 1080p + rubbing the others the wrong way (the S20 and S20+ had 1440p+ screens).

Pre-orders end next week and open sales will begin on the 25th of the month, so the first sales numbers should be posted soon. Pre-announcement predictions predicted that the vanilla Galaxy S22 will outperform the S22 Ultra, which in turn will outperform the S22+. And while Ultra is definitely the most sought after product, it costs 50% more than the vanilla model – what people want isn’t always what they can afford.

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Expect the first Galaxy S22 series reviews to be released soon.

Weekly survey results: Strong demand for Galaxy S22 Ultra, the other two in its shadow