May 27, 2024

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We are always the number 1 choice.

We are always the number 1 choice.

In today’s edition of Up To Speed, we’ve shared all the ways we’ve upgraded the football fan experience for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Verizon is the official 5G network of the NFL, and we’re demonstrating the transformative power of our 5G network with our upgraded improvements throughout the Kansas City area, highlighting the perks of being a customer on the network America depends on.

Long before we announced Tonight’s Top Pick to football fans around the world, we’ve worked hard to build and strengthen our network and remind our customers that we’re the number one pick every year.

Kansas City Network Upgrades

Earlier this year, Verizon made permanent network upgrades in Kansas City, including the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at Kansas City International Airport, which provides wireless service throughout the terminals and makes it easier for passengers to connect and download content to watch on flights. weather. We also added capacity and coverage with four new macro cell locations covering the metro area.

Verizon engineers also deployed temporary 5G Ultra Wideband cell sites that specifically cover locations for this year’s NFL Draft events, as well as temporary in-building solutions throughout Union Station and at local hotels.

These are just some of the reasons customers in Kansas City can experience the best overall network experience, accessibility, speed and reliability, when using Verizon, according to the nation’s most rigorous scientific testing firm, RootMetrics.

Our portable assets run deep (60 feet)!

We showed these transformational improvements to national and local media who toured our Union Station upgrades and our incredible Cave of Mobile Assets – a massive 20,000 square foot Verizon underground facility – buried 60 feet underground outside of Kansas City. Capable of handling major events, natural disasters, and everything in between, our cavern provides secure and convenient storage for emergency mobile asset deployments.

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Verizon Home Internet is always the right solution

Verizon has shared great facts about the improvements to our local network that they help make Verizon Home Internet is the right choice During a Tuesday night trivia event at the Brew Lab in nearby Overland Park, Kansas. Trivia aficionados learned more about Verizon’s services, and even got a “Draft” beer or snack on Verizon.

Snacks and V Team talks in our stores

We also shared our love of Team V in the Kansas City area by filling the fridge with groceries and getting raw feedback from employees at Barrytowne, Liberty, and State Line retail stores.

Making Kansas City – and the world – a better place

We also kept the good vibes going this week, when Verizon partnered with NFL Green to help beautify Kansas City with tree-planting events to continue the legacy of “Green” in the communities that host the NFL’s biggest events.

Tune in to Speed ​​Up in the coming days for more ways we won during NFL Draft Week.

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