May 23, 2024

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Venezuelan doctor’s office shut down in Dominican Republic for being “illegal.”

Venezuelan doctor’s office shut down in Dominican Republic for being “illegal.”

Apparently it doesn’t have the required titles or permissions to function.

The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Public Health continues to close the center where the Venezuelan national’s errant “cosmetologist” operated, who was “discovered” by Channel N’s investigation.

After the visit, inspectors from the Public Health Accreditation Directorate visited the center and ordered its closure for violating Public Health Act 42-01.

Listed in the Venezuelan National Office of Industrial Property (Onapi) with a man as the owner of the office Ki Centro Médico Integral del Caribe, located in Avenida Independencia, registered in February 2011 with the corporate objective of “aesthetic medical services”. , face and body.

The center does not have a commercial register and is not registered with the General Directorate of Inland Taxes.

However, it is not very serious. On her Instagram profile she identifies herself as a “specialist in facial biopolymer removal, endolifting, facial rejuvenation, and provides gynecological appointments with services ranging from laser rejuvenation, intimate aesthetics, lip fillers to G-spot augmentation.” Another service it offers is laser lipolysis.

In four years, if you cannot provide your original apostille titles, with the corresponding stamps, there is no doubt that a new element should be added to the national program for title verification: the link between the Ministry of Public Health, the Mecid, the Public Health and the Dominican Medical Association, so that, in the effort to standardize the titles, as irregularities are detected , they are investigated and barred from providing services as doctors when they are not doctors, plastic surgeons, much less reconstructive surgeons.

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Complex procedures

Nathalie Díaz LaSala, president of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine, explained that the laser lipolysis procedure is laser-assisted liposuction and avoids what an esthetician would do. . Therefore, it is a procedure offered by plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons.

In other words, laserlipolysis is another way to call liposuction without looking too aggressive.

In this sense, Díaz LaSala explained that if faced with a dramatic result, fat absorption can be taken for granted.

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