June 16, 2024

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Venezuela is planning a major act of terrorism

Venezuela is planning a major act of terrorism
Miguel Henrique Otero
Photo: Nicholas Gum/AFP

Miguel Henrique Otero, Chief Publisher NationalVenezuela is at risk of a large-scale terrorist attack, he warned, given Nicolás Maduro’s government’s ties to Iran, Colombian guerrilla groups and Hezbollah.

His comments came amid an interview with CNN Radio RosarioArgentina, where he was asked about the Venezuelan-Iranian plane being detained in that country.

Miguel Henrique Otero on a plane captured in Argentina

Why did Chavismo attack President Alberto Fernandez, not Cristina Fernandez, who is part of the Argentine government and known to have a long-standing friendship with Chavismo, especially Hugo Chavez?

“In the orbit of those countries that are under the influence or direction of the Council of Sao Paulo, they do not understand the independence of powers. I understand that in Argentina there is a certain independence of powers. So there is a judicial system that operates independently of the executive power. But they (chavismo) have the entire judicial power dependent on the executive power. They assume that. Then they threaten Alberto Fernandez, when there is a judicial situation. Venezuela does not have a judicial system, it disappeared years ago. The judicial system of Venezuela is managed by the administration as he wants,” he said.

And he asserted that the Nicaraguan and Cuban governments had usurped the judiciary in the same way.

He insisted that with the declarations of the leaders of Chavismo they are trying to put pressure on President Fernández so that he can put pressure on the judges. “But it’s not that easy in Argentina,” Otero said.

Venezuela’s hectares of land to Iran

When asked about the connection between Nicolás Maduro and the Iranian regime, Otero responded that irregular alliances include guerrillas, drug trafficking and terrorist organizations following the Emtrasur flight scandal in Argentina.

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“Venezuela is a country captured by Maduro’s alliances with the Iranians, with Hezbollah, with the Colombian guerrillas, with Cuba, with all the forces of evil,” he said.

Referring to Venezuela’s plan to hand over 1 million hectares of land to Iran, he expressed concern: “This is something that is really worrying. It is a nationalization. Chavismo has long had a major alliance with the Iranians. In fact, they manage to hand over a claimed 1 million hectares of land for agriculture. Well, it would be for ‘missile agriculture’, because the Iranians don’t have those agricultural developments anywhere. What they would do would be military bases or something like that.

Otero added that the alliance with Iran was formed during the government of Hugo Chávez and that Maduro consolidated it.

“In fact, one of the ways Maduro is avoiding sanctions is the alliance he has with the Iranians,” he said.

Aviation and Terrorism

Regarding the United States’ complaint that the Emtrasur plane was involved in terrorist activities, Otero pointed out: “It obviously has links to terrorism. Venezuela is a haven for Arab terrorism, terrorism, and drug-trafficking. They use drug trafficking to finance terrorism, for example, Hezbollah is financed by cocaine and Hezbollah sells it in Europe. So it’s an absolutely brutal combination.”

For Iran, he noted, relations that include training and the presence of Iranians in Venezuela include industrial alliances and the granting of territory.

“Venezuela is becoming a danger, a real concern when it faces these alliances with all the evil forces. A very serious problem is going to happen soon that will link Venezuela to a major terrorist activity,” he warned.

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