February 21, 2024

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Ukraine Warns Russia Will Launch Massive New Attacks This Week | Europe | T.W.

Ukraine Warns Russia Will Launch Massive New Attacks This Week |  Europe |  T.W.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky warned late Sunday that Russia was planning “new attacks” on his country, and called on security forces and citizens to be prepared to endure another week of power outages as temperatures begin to drop sharply. Other officials reiterated the call this Monday (11.28.2022) and asked them to curb power consumption to avoid blackouts.

“The beginning of the week will be marked by this kind of attack,” said Natalia Kumenyuk, a spokeswoman for the Ukrainian military’s Southern Command, insisting that a Russian ship capable of firing Kalibr missiles had appeared. The sea is black, “indicating that they are preparing to attack.”

Moscow’s attack on Ukrainian infrastructure, causing blackouts and killing civilians, appears to be a new strategy in light of its failures on the battlefield. Last Wednesday’s attacks left millions without electricity, water and heat since the Russian invasion began nine months ago.

“As long as they have missiles”

“We understand that terrorists are planning new attacks, and we take this for granted,” Zelensky said in his Sunday night video. “As long as they have missiles, unfortunately, they will not rest,” he added. The President feels that this new week will be as difficult as the previous one. “Our forces are preparing. The whole state is preparing. We are preparing for all scenarios, even with partners” from the west, Zelensky added, urging his fellow citizens to heed anti-aircraft warnings.

Russia claims that it did not attack electricity infrastructure and that it was Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses that destroyed these installations. However, the Kremlin said last week that Kiev’s acquiescence to Russian demands to end the Russia-initiated conflict was a way to end civilian suffering.

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