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Tottenham Hotspur – Liverpool: English Premier League – live | Premier League

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55 minutes Allison swings on the ball and Kane tackles. The ball could have gone anywhere, but fortunately Liverpool Run towards Konate. Suddenly Liverpool looked nervous at the back.

54 minutes Salah misses a good opportunity to get a hat-trick, as he coolly fired at Lloris from 14 yards after dedicated play from Nunez.

53 minutes “It would be crazy for Tottenham to give up on Conte…” Chris Walton says. “Drag them to the table and enter the round of 16 in the Champions League. He is a born winner.”

52 minutes “Of all the things to call on Nunez, Andy Carroll is a bit imprecise,” says Niall Mullen. “I think you always know the kind of thing you’re going to get from the big Andy. With Nunez, I don’t know what he’s going to try: dribbling a defender like Suarez, trying to hit someone like Lewandowski, running backwards like Salah, falling to his feet like me.”

51 minutes Kane returns the ball to Sessegnon, who forms his right-footed curler not far from the edge of truth.

51 minutes Why don’t they just start games like this?

50 minutes Dyer’s misguided cross nearly sneaks in, and Allison rushes to push him back for a corner. Everything spurs.

49 min: Perisic hits the crossbar! This is the second time he has hit wood today. Dier’s cross from the right, directed at Perisic, passed through the area to Sessegnon on the far side. He first brought it back to Perisic, who cut an instant shot that overpowered Allison and hit the bar.

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48 minutes Nunez climbs over Emerson Royal to head a rebound behind another corner for Tottenham. Perisic’s delivery is much better, passed across the goal by Dier’s header. Allison springs to his right to a good catch with both hands.

47 minutes “As an Arsenal fan, one of the most disappointing things about Spurs’ finishing last season was that it meant that instead of Conte going out the door, he’d stay and bring in more players,” says Zach Neely. “Do Spurs remember how their management research has gone since Poch’s departure? If they are going to do anything, they should bring him back. Sometimes the best option is to just swallow your pride and call your ex.”

46 minutes A quick start from Tottenham, with Sessegnon’s ball hitting the defender and spinning behind her for a corner kick. Perisic’s delivery is again weak.

Ryan Sessegnon has an effort on goal.
Ryan Sessegnon has an effort on goal. Photo: Andrew Canridge/Action Images/Reuters

46 minutes Peep peep! Tottenham starts the second half. There are no changes on either side.

“Konte is a bit intense “No one can do better with the Tottenham players,” says Jeff Sachs. “Tuchel is just more of the same intensity – it won’t change anything except the tone.”

I agree. We can’t, or at least shouldn’t, ignore the impact of injuries on Son, Richarlison, Kulusevsky and Lukas Mora.

“The more I see Ibrahim Konate, the more “The more I think about him as a footballer,” says Kari Tolinius. “It may not be a systematic solution to the problem of having a very offensive defender, but sticking with a brilliant defender alongside Alexander-Arnold could do the trick.”

This is the goal of Mohamed Salah

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It hits well deservedly in the imperfect time.

“If Kunti is for shoesWhat is the chance for Tottenham to line up for a handshake with Chelsea Tuchel behind? “There would be beautiful symmetry, not to mention revenge, to a reversal of such a role,” says Malcolm McAdam.

Then Conte goes to Paris Saint-Germain and Mourinho takes over Mainz?

Half time reading

First half: Tottenham 0-2 Liverpool

Two finishers from Mohamed Salah have put Liverpool in control Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Spurs’ injury list fizzled, and there were boos at the end of the first half whistle. They are heading for their third league defeat in four games and their fourth in seven, although we must remember that they came from 2-0 down to win last weekend.

44 minutes Fragile Elliot is pushed far away by Loris, diving to his left. It was a decent save as he bounced awkwardly in front of him.

44 minutes Kane’s long-range shot was well saved by Kane, whose inner monologue must be a riot at the moment.

43 minutes “Luis Garcia used to be the best player in football history for ten minutes out of every 90 minutes, and absolutely responsible for the other eighty,” said Matt Doni. “The trade-off was worth it, because he did some pretty cool things during those ten minute intervals. They’re all crisp, elegant, and clever. Almost like that Nunez, but in Andy Carroll’s body. I really like him, but I can say it won’t always be easy…”

42 minutes Loris qualifiers collide with Firmino and bounce back to safety. This could easily have been transmitted to Grid.

Alison threw the ball straight at Dyer, who tried to get him back to Loris. It was a horribly wrong header, not up to goalkeeper’s level, and Salah had it shot in no time. He rode the ball into space and gently flipped it over Loris. It was icy cold.

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Liverpool pounces on the error in the back to double its lead.
Liverpool pounces on a mistake in the back to double its lead. Photo: Andrew Powell/Liverpool/Getty Images

Goal! Tottenham 0-2 Liverpool (Salah 40)

Mohamed Salah gets second place after a mistake from Eric Dyer!

Terrible defense from Tottenham while Sala scores again.
Terrible defense from Tottenham while Sala scores again. Photo: Andrew Canridge/Action Images/Reuters

39 minutes There is a break in play while Harvey Elliott receives treatment.

If you stay like this Liverpool It will rise to eighth, eight points behind fourth-placed Tottenham, with a game in hand.

38 minutes This is a decent spell for Liverpool, perhaps their best since Salah’s goal. The full-backs were very good going forward today.

36 minutes Emerson Royal saved Firmino’s shot from the left edge of the area.

35 minutes Perisic’s free kick is extraordinarily nonsense and Elliott’s header is clear at the near post.

34 minutes Confused Alexander-Arnold, beaten by Perisic and saved by Konate, pushes Sessegnon on the left wing.

34 minutes Alexander-Arnold plays another superb cross pass to Nunez, and he’s one with Dier. However, his touch was heavy, and this allows Dier to poke the ball away.

33 minutes “Tottenham could have done with Kane being at the end of Kane’s passes…” says Sam Huscroft.

Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.

32 minutes A bad header from Emerson Royal goes straight to Thiago, whose stinging 25-yard shot was blocked by Dyer (I believe).

31 minutes Allison comes from his area to defeat Sessegnon with Kane’s long pass. It’s a good game now, with Kane looking like he’s threatening when he falls deep. But he really misses Son Heung-min tracks.

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27 minutes A good cross from Kane only avoided Perisic, who was well followed by Alexander Arnold.

26 minutes There is some grumbling from home fans as Spurs pass the ball behind. Then Dyer suddenly sent a cross to Sessegnon, who controls the ball and beats Alexander-Arnold in the same move. Konate comes to a good objection.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Ryan Sessegnon battle for the ball.
Trent Alexander-Arnold and Ryan Sessegnon battle for the ball. Photography: Adam Davey/PA

23 minutes Simon McMahon says: “I tear up a little at every mention of Andy Robertson on MBM, and also (but to a lesser degree) Kieran Tierney, who showed up in a big way in the early match despite not being involved. God knows how I would be if he did either of them accurately… “

Is it Tango Week?
Is it Tango Week? Photography: Ashley Western/Shutterstock

21 minutes The match was more drawn since Salah’s goal. Human nature is a funny old game.

19 minutes Spurs ask for a penalty when Alexander-Arnold tends to Sessegnon. Andy Madley is not interested, and some Spurs players are giving him a shot. It was an unnecessary and dangerous challenge from Alexander-Arnold, especially since Sessegnon had gone nowhere, and some rulers would have given him. But it wasn’t a clear and obvious mistake.