June 16, 2024

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Tommy Pham suspended after slapping Jock Pederson, text message

Tommy Pham suspended after slapping Jock Pederson, text message

Tommy Pham was suspended for three games retroactively until Friday after that San Francisco Giants player Jock Pederson slapped During the multiplication practice on Friday.

“I slapped your jock,” Pham said. “He did some (expletive) that I don’t condone, so I had to remedy it.”

The controversy stemmed from fantasy league football last season and what Pham described as a “disrespectful” text message from Pederson about his former San Diego Padres teammates.

Pederson read from text messages in the San Francisco Reporters group chat after Saturday’s game.

“I actually sent a GIF in the group chat that was making fun of Padres,” Pederson said. “In the group chat there was more than Padre, there were maybe four or five and I’m close to two of them. It was supposed to be a friendly thing, just making fun that they’re playing badly, just talking back and forth. He didn’t like it.

He answered me, Jock, I don’t know you well enough to make any jokes like that. She wrote again, “It was all meant to be fun and games. No hard feelings. Sorry if I took it that way.” Then about two weeks later, after the fourth or fifth week, he ended up leaving the league and there has been no contact since then.”

The GIF that Pederson sent was three weightlifters with the Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers and Padres logos above each of them. The weightlifter under the Padres banner was hit with weight and fell.

“Because they were a really good team, so it was kind of ironic how they didn’t play well to go into playoffs with a very talented team,” Pedersen said. “I was a teammate with some of them. It was meant to be fun. I understand everyone takes jokes differently, so I apologize for that. I’m looking forward to getting past this and showing up tomorrow without any distraction.”

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In the fantasy football league, Pedersen said he was accused of cheating in a group message when he put a player in injured reserve position after the player was listed. Pederson said he noted that Pham did the same to one of his players, and he’s backing off Jeff Wilson.

During batting practice on Friday, Pham walked up to Pederson, told him he hadn’t forgotten what had happened in their fantasy league and slapped him in the face.

“We had a lot of money on the line,” Pham said. “You can look at it as if there was a code. You (messing around) with my money and would say some disrespect (expletive), there is a code for this.”

Pham did not detail Pedersen’s text when he spoke to reporters before Saturday’s game, but immediately noted that he told Pedersen how he felt about it.

“It was some (things) you don’t say,” Pham said. “I told him in the text, when he sent the message, I’m not calm enough to talk like that. He should have known it at the time.”

Pham said the fantasy football league features MLB players from different teams, including Mike Mustakas.

“It was last year,” Pham said. “I was second when I left this league. There was a lot of money on that streak. I’m a big Vegas dog. I’m a pro player at several casinos. You can look at my credit line. We were playing with big money. You don’t have to go in. In the details of the amount, but I look at it as if you lost, you had to pay double. If you came last, you had to pay double the amount. So, I looked at it as if it was (messing with) my money besides disrespectful.”

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Pham will lose $111,111 from a three-game ban, in addition to being fined an undisclosed amount from the league.

Knowing the potential for suspension, why did he slap Pam Pedersen?

“From the text message he sent about my former team and how I felt there were some (things) flawed happening in this league,” Pham said, “that’s why.”

Femme sat outside The opening match of the Friday series against the Giants, with a score of 5-1, because he said he felt pressure from MLB. The Reds announced after the match began that Pham had agreed not to play pending MLB’s investigation into the melee.

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Pedersen confirmed that Giants giants manager Gabi Kapler and general manager Farhan Zaidi pressured the Reds to sit on the bench. Michael Hill, MLB’s senior vice president of field operations, announced that Pham was suspended and fined for “inappropriate conduct.” Pham said he accepted the suspension without appeal because it “looks like if I did appeal, it could get worse.”

“I think any time one individual hits another individual, it’s dangerous, and it’s just something that we all know can’t happen in the workplace,” Kapler told reporters on Saturday.

Pham said the feud with Pederson ended after he slapped him on Friday. He will sit out for the remainder of the series against the Giants, but the Reds will travel to San Francisco for a three-game series from June 24-26.

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“Look, I’m in this game to play baseball,” Pham said. “If he had a problem, he should have handled it properly at the time. There weren’t many people outside. (Albert) and I were for 20-30 seconds. If you want to do something, you have to do it” .