June 21, 2024

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Tom Brady returns to pirate training after 11 days of absence

Tom Brady returns to pirate training after 11 days of absence

Nearly two weeks later, Tom Brady is back with the Tampa Bay Pirates.

The 45-year-old midfielder He returned to the pirate facility on Monday, 11 days after leaving the team for “personal reasons”. He is expected to return to practice as well.

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Brady’s absence came as a shock to many, especially since there is no information on why he is stepping down. He’s under no obligation to share those details with the public, but people got even more curious (or worried if you’re a Bucs fan) when coach Todd Bowles said he didn’t know when Brady would be back.

The Bulls also said that Brady’s absence was pre-planned, so his departure came as no surprise (for the team, at least). He has been in touch with Bowels and the rest of the staff the entire time he was absent, which put a lot of minds at ease. Even with only 20 days left to prepare for the season, Brady was never one of the people who attended training camp due to his natural and unprepared form. He’s meticulous in his diet and fitness, so it’s unlikely that he was indulging in cheeseburgers and buns while he was away.

Plus it’s Tom Brady. He may be 45, but he won the Super Bowl two seasons ago and has equaled or outperformed quarterbacks many years younger than him. If there’s anyone you trust when it comes to getting ready and being prepared, it’s him.

Buccaneers QB Tom Brady returns after an 11-day absence. (Kim Clement – USA Today Sports)