May 27, 2024

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Todd Howard Says The Phrase “Fallout 5”

Todd Howard Says The Phrase "Fallout 5"

Bethesda that recently delay starfield Next year Nothing significant was revealed about him Sheikh Scrolls 6 Since it was announced in 2018Already thinking about what comes next. In an interview with IGNBethesda’s Todd Howard said Bethesda Game Studios plans to make it fallout 5… In the end.

“yes, Sheikh Scrolls 6 In pre-production, you know, we’ll do that fallout 5 After that, our list is full to go ahead for a while,” Howard said. There is no indication when we can expect fallout 5 for release. Given how long we’ve been waiting for starfield And the fact that we basically don’t know anything about it Sheikh Scrolls 6 – Note that Howard said the game is still in pre-production despite it being announced four years ago – He probably looks charming fallout 5 It’s still a long way from actually showing up.

fallout 5 It will be the next game in the post-apocalypse series then fallout 76And the Which was a pretty rough start. But it seems as if fallout 5 It’s not the only game Bethesda Game Studios is considering, as Howard points out IGN That “we have some other projects we look at from time to time as well.”

starfieldThe studio’s upcoming sci-fi RPG is relatively closer on the horizon, and is currently slated for release sometime in 2023. Bethesda debuted 15 minutes from starfield play on sunday At the Xbox and Bethesda Show.

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