April 13, 2024

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Three students raped a classmate during a school trip

Three students raped a classmate during a school trip

Shock in Ecuador: Three students rape a classmate during a school trip

The men involved contaminated their partner's drink with the drug, causing the teenager to pass out, after which they proceeded to rape her.

International.- Three teenagers from a school in Guayaquil, Ecuador They raped a fellow student during the year-end trip To Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The victim's family said The negligence and inaction of the Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office, Because the two involved have already left the country.

A crime would have been committed travel Made by students and parents Third year of high school at SEK International School Celebrating their next graduation in Guayaquil.

Victim security reports at dawn on November 25, 2023, Minor's Deputy, with two accomplices (all 17), they contacted her Convince her to come down from her room. They met her at the restaurant of the Río Bambú Resort hotel where everyone was staying.

All three involved will have it Dirty drink His partner's drug addiction made him The young woman fainted and lost control of her limbs and the concept of time. Later, they took him to the room of one of them They continued the rape.

The victim's father reported the incident on November 30, 2023 and the Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office requested the assistance of the Dominican Republic's judicial process.

Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, to whom the letter is addressed, Accepted the request for international criminal cooperation. Therefore The teenager and his parents traveled to the Dominican Republic to go through various procedures with authorities. For example, it They examined the hostel's security cameras. They will verify that the reported events are true.

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Also, the Ecuadorian public ministry was ordered from the Dominican Republic Three youths were arrested And DNA test should be done on them.

for now, The prosecutor's office did not comment on this fact. SEK Guayaquil International School insisted it had no participation in organizing or making the trip to the Dominican Republic.

It was a personal move for some families. Of course, given the events that took place, it expresses its solidarity with the affected people,” said a statement sent to Vistaso.