February 28, 2024

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This is what you know about his murder


Caracas.- The murder of a Colombian DJ Valentina Trespalassios, 23 years old, shocked the neighboring country. corpse A suitcase was discovered A recycling kit was found in a garbage container in Bogotá’s Fontibon neighborhood near El Dorado International Airport.

Colombian environment Time According to residents of the area, it was revealed when the news broke that it was the body of Valentina Trespalacios. He stayed for hours trash can Until a street dweller collecting recyclables found it and alerted the police.

Colombia | Authorities found the body of DJ Valentina Trespalacios in a landfill

Case findings

  • According to a forensic medical autopsy, the young woman died by hanging. The body showed signs of rape before death. They found five pressure craters on the chest And many injuries.
  • The forensic report stated that the young woman “exhibited marked congestion and facial swelling, in addition to numerous signs of blunt trauma scattered over the forearms and sacral region (lumbar vertebrae that connect to the pelvis).” They also found “lesions on the labial mucosa and cheeks.
  • The Colombian DJ’s phone was found by authorities in a trash bin at the airport, local media reported.
  • Valentina’s uncle, Carlos Trespalacios, told authorities that the DJ went out with her boyfriend on Friday, January 20. to a disco. Only the family knows that he has shared pictures on his WhatsApp status.
  • magazine week Valentina Tresplasios’ family gave investigators a video the young woman sent to her mother, a key piece of the investigation. In audiovisual, The DJ was with her boyfriend John PoulosAmerican nationality.
  • Other important areas of inquiry Authorities collected over 300 hours of video at various locations Both were there from the night of Friday, January 20 to the early hours of Sunday, January 22.
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A prime suspect in the murder

The prime suspect in the murder of Valentina Trespalacios is American citizen John Nelson Poulos, who was the victim’s romantic partner. Panama extradited him to Colombia on Wednesday, January 25 and arrived at Bogotá on the 26th.

The American was arrested on Tuesday night as he tried to board a flight to Istanbul (Turkey) after arriving in Panama City on a flight from Bogotá on Monday. Poulos, according to the Colombian prosecutor’s office He will be held in the cells of the agency’s bunker.

Miguel Ángel del Rio, a lawyer representing the victim’s family, told local media. Poulos faces up to 50 years in prison “aggravated femicide” and “concealment and tampering with evidence” for disposing of Trespalacios’ cell phone.

With information from EFE.

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