May 19, 2024

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This Airbnb mimics a house from the Disney movie Up that actually floats

This Airbnb mimics a house from the Disney movie Up that actually floats

Disney fans get a new dream destination.

Airbnb has created a replica of the house featured in the 2009 animated film “Up,” located in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The house has one bedroom, one bathroom and a pull-out bed in the living room, giving it the capacity to sleep four guests. The house, like the one in the movie, floats.

While Carl Frederiksen, the character who plays the title role in the movie Up, has a house that floats with the help of balloons, Airbnb appears to be using a crane to raise her house Up in the air.

Kevin Hart, Ferrari, and others were enlisted by AIRBNB in ​​a marketing tactic to boost demand

Airbnb’s “Up” house is designed to be lifted. (Ryan Lowry/Fox News)

Split image from the inside "higher" a house

The interior of the Airbnb “Up” house matches the house in the movie. (Ryan Lowry/Fox News)

However, more than 8,000 balloons were used in creating the house, giving it the iconic look that fans will recognize from the movie. Fans will also notice the extensively detailed interior, with everything from the armchairs to the robotic chair ascending the stairs pulled straight from the movie.

Other items that can be seen around the house include helium cans; The backpack worn by another character, Russell; And the adventure book created by Carl’s wife, Ellie, in a poignant moment from “Up.”

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The list was written from the perspective of Carl, who noted that Abiquiu is “the perfect place to go out on wilderness adventures. It’s away from the big city, so hopefully you’ll get some peace and quiet, and maybe I’ll be able to leave my hearing aid behind.” Run once, this will be a great place to explore nature, and who knows, maybe you’ll see “Snipe” Please enjoy your stay, but don’t blame me if the house goes up and floats down to Paradise Falls, if that happens, you’re on your own!”

Not only will renters have access to the house, but the menu also includes several activities guests can do to earn Junior Wilderness Explorer badges, another plot point. They’ll be able to create their own adventure books and go on mini-trips, and after one of them, guests will come back to see the house float.

Photo on Airbnb "higher" a house

Guests will be able to see the house floating during their stay. (Tegan Davis/Fox News)

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The house was recreated for Airbnb’s Icon Series, a summer event featuring rentals and other unique experiences. Guests can also book a replica of Prince’s home in the 1984 film “Purple Rain,” or a stay at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy, as well as the Musée d’Orsay, which includes the opportunity to watch the opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympics.

Image from Airbnb "higher" a house

Guests will also be able to do activities related to the film. (Ariana McLaughlin/Fox News)

People who want to secure one of these rentals can submit an application that includes a question about why they want to stay in the location of their choice. Entries will then be chosen at random, and from there the answers will be reviewed until the guests are chosen.

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