May 26, 2024

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They temporarily halted the decision to end the use of Title 42 at the border

They temporarily halted the decision to end the use of Title 42 at the border

(CNN Spanish) — US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Monday put on hold a decision on the controversial Trump-era health care policy with immigration ramifications, known as Title 42, which was scheduled to expire on December 21.

But in a brief order, Roberts asked the Biden administration to respond by 5 p.m. Tuesday to an emergency appeal filed by several Republican-led states, signaling the court’s desire to act quickly.

Roberts’ summary order meant that the policy, which allows authorities to quickly remove immigrants at US borders, would remain in place until the judges decide on the emergency request.

This order does not necessarily reflect the final outcome of the case.

States went to the Supreme Court earlier in the day in an urgent bid to uphold a Trump-era immigration policy that will be removed from the books on Wednesday.

Implications for Immigrants of the Suspension of Title 42 2:52

A federal district court judge struck down the policy last month, calling Title 42 “arbitrary and capricious.” The scheme will remain in effect till December 21, the judge said.

Federal authorities and border communities already existo Prepare for an expected increase in migrant arrivals this week, And the immigration issue continues to ignite both sides of the political divide. The Department of Homeland Security is implementing a plan to end the program, including increasing resources at the border, targeting smugglers and working with international partners.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Bronovich, who took over the state’s leadership role, said in a statement Monday that “getting rid of Title 42 would recklessly and needlessly endanger more Americans and immigrants by exacerbating the unfolding disaster at our southern border.” rated as.”

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The border is closed, America says: What’s next after the end of Title 42? 2:05

Brnovich told the justices in court documents that the lower court’s ruling should be stayed. Alternatively, he said, the justices should “immediately” grant a temporary injunction to maintain the status quo and consider whether to agree to hear arguments on the merits, bypassing the appeals court.

“Not being allowed to stay here would cause massive and irreparable harm to states, especially since states bear many of the consequences of illegal immigration,” Brnovich argued.

On Friday night, the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the Washington DC Circuit ruled against the states, saying they waited an “excessive” amount of time before trying to get involved in the case. That order prompted an urgent appeal to the high court, which ruled on the case in Washington, D.C. Referred to Roberts, who oversees the Court of Appeals.

Roberts is likely to send the matter to the full court.